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GSRP- was built to move slow and steady in order to win the race.
[Some straight-talk with bare facts]

The Goa Su-Raj Party has been built on the adage \' SLOW AND STEAD WINS THE RACE\'
Therefore, it has never been in a hurry to get into the Goa Legislative Assembly as it has always believed that this will happen when its time comes.

This Party was formed in the year 1999-2000 through 11 all-Goa deliberations aka brainstorming sessions.
Through its formation it set a new political agenda for Goa to expose the political misdemeanours of our past and present political class and to show the way that Goa can be administered on belt-tightening regimens, shunning the extensive profligate life-style of Governmental functioning. Hence, the inclusion and sealing from amendments for lifetime of its Constitution Article 34 [ 5 Member Cabinet only] and Article 38 [No office of profit to MLAs].

The Party cocentrated itself during the initial 4 years to bring out its all inclusive ROAD MAP FOR GOA in the year 2005, a document of a lifetime and a document that would lay the course for this Party\'s future movements, with no place for \'hidden agendas\'.
More than the Constitution and its Road Map for Goa, the Party has been guided by its founding \'unwritten rules\':

[1] That, as far as possible, it shall not give entry into the Party to ex or present MLAs. Had this been allowed anytime during the past 15 years,notwithstanding that offers having been many, the originality of the Party\'s intent would have been lost through destroying of its very soul, and,
[2] That the Party\'s executive members shall not contest Municipal and Panchayat level elections. The reason being that this Party is against politicizing these civic self-governing bodies which must be left for lay citizens and not be infiltrated by political agendas to divide and disintegrate the people as according to their varied ideologies.

The deliberations that took place in 1999 and continued through 2000, were not for the formation of a political party. The intent was to form a very strong Pressure Group on the lines that GBA was formed years later in 2006/7. However, one delegate [who went on to become one of the founding members of this Party] in the very first brainstorming session [International Center, Dona Paula] changed this course having stated that if at all this meeting is designed to bring into existence an organization that will clean Goa\'s polity, it should be \'clean politics\' v/s \'dirty politics\', and not a formation of yet another NGO, which will be pacified by powerful politics and powerful politicians through not having the horns to fight dirty politics in a bull-fighting ring with a bull with horns. Such strong sentiments from individuals are rare, and this Party was proud to have among its founding members such strong minded individuals. But down the line, after more than a decade of the Party\'s existence, this strong resolve in this person eroded into thin air when the same person turned around to tell others in this Party that this Party should be dissolved for being a non-achiever for long. This hurt the party\'s psyche like hell, especially when the reason for this suggestion was attributed to this founder member having succumbed to the lures of the BJP. Thanks to the strong back-bone of the Party, it has survived the strong winds that would blow it under. Yet again, this Party had to let go of other two of its founding pillars whose actions were not compatible with the doctrine laid down during the founding of the Party especially when they were cautioned at the time of signing the CONSTITUTION not to sign the same if there were skeletons in their personal cubboards that would surface later to malign the clean image of this Party. Yet a few more have drifted and/or have been comatose. Through all these not so conducive situations, this Party has survived as it has not been a bed of roses with the Party having been running in deficit of over Rs. 6 lakhs. As we at Goa Su-Raj see it, take this Party out of Goa\'s scheme of things and Goa has nothing better to look forward to, politically. Whether Goans like it or not, this is a fact.

The year 2002 saw Manohar Parrikar forcing elections on Goa prematurely. Having been still a baby, GSRP rose to the occasion by fielding 8 Candidates, 4 in North [Aldona, Siolim, Calangute & St. Cruz], and 4 in South [Cortalim, Loutolim, Benaulim & Quepem]. The total vote count was just approx. 1500 votes with all candidates losing their deposits. Did this discourage the will of the Party? Hardly. Instead, this gave the Party a chance to show-case its \'after elections\' procedures of how it would select/elect the CM, the cabinet of 5 and distribute all portfolios in one go. A shadow cabinet of 5 was elected from the 8 candidates, headed by the shadow CM, with all portfolios distributed at a post election Party Convention held at the T.B. Cunha Hall, Panjim. Election 2002 was the Party\'s first promotional escapades in the jungle of self-centered politics that has been gobbling tax-payer\'s money and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day with public debts mounting to be a heavy burden for the posterity to bear. This was followed by the Party contesting the Taleigao by-elections when Goa went for by-elections to 5 Constituencies in 2005. Though the Party had wanted to contest from all 5 constituencies, there were no takers, reason being that none wanted to contest on this Party\'s terms i.e. not to spend their own personal money but be a part of the Party\'s agenda of financing the the Party\'s candidate in whatever small way possible rather than the candidate financing his/her own campaign. As an example we did interview a couple of candidates for the 2005 Benaulim by-elections who were eager to contest against Miccky Pacheco. Both had at least Rs. 10 lacs each kept asdie for elections. When asked why they wanted to waste their hard-earned money on voters who will not vote for them, they were both certain that Goans have ethics and will vote if they are paid. We refused them the tickets telling them that they would be better off putting all those hard-earned lacs of rupees in fix-deposits in their children\'s name, that GSRP would consider giving the ticket if they agreed to involve themselves with the Party\'s programmes of collecting funds from the people for their campaign rather than they spending from their own poclkets. However, one of them did contest as independent and got less than 200 votes for his efforts. In case he had decided to come in with GSRP, he would have been able to set up the party\'s grass-root CWC in Benaulim and would be a strong contender against Caetu Silva in 2012 elections.

Coming to the Taleigao by-elections in 2005, the Party had no candidate as none wanted to face Babush Monserrate\'s ire. Having said that, the Party had no option but to contest these elections, because otherwise, there would be no elections taking place in Taleigao, giving Babush Monserrate the UNOPPOSED CROWN, belittling the democratic process. There was a clear match fixing between Babush Monserrate and BJP\'s Manohar Parrikar, in that, the BJP would field Babush\'s ex recovery agent Pradip Nagvekar who would withdraw for Rs. 5 crores, leaving Babush crowned the un-opposed king in his first venture into electoral politics through UGDP in the absence of a third and serious candidate who would not be deterred. Much as the Party wanted to field its exeutive member in these elections, it could not, because of the Party having previously passed a resolution that none of its executive members would contest elections. This was due to the bickerings within the party executive who thought that centain member/s were promoting the party in order to be the CM.of Goa. With the same members of the executive having been sent to pastures [ as mentioned above] the Party passed a fresh resolution to revoke the said resolution, paving the way for a party executive to contest the Taleigao\'s by-elections to force the electoral process. Many feel that GSRP was ambitious enough to think it could defeat Babush Monserrate and his crores of rupees. But then, this Party had to do what it had to do, and the VICTORY was that the electoral process took place whether Babush Monserrate won or lost.

The Party couldn\'t sit idle when elections were declared in 2007 and in 2012. Both elections were contested with 1 candidate [Aldona] and 2 candidates [ Aldona & Taleigao], respectively in these elections to promote the Party. That was the end of promoting the Party. After 2012 elections, the Party had decided to get into the real electoral mode with more than 21 candidates so that a clear signal is sent to the people of Goa and Goa lovers that this Party is capable of giving Goans the much needed Goa\'s own High Command in Goa.

Political Pundits must be having a good laugh at the audacity of GSRP of even thinking of forming the Government when it can show zilch for its grass-roots organizations.. Well, these pundits must give this Party the credit on that acount for not being stupid. This Party knows that without grass-roots one cannot think of venturing seriously into the electoral process, much less for winning elections, as it is pure suicide. But then, as we have said, the Party was only promoting itself all these years, slow and steady. Though this Party has a envious grass-roots system , which once set-up, will never die for lack of its servicing, it has not been able to put it in place in all these years. Why? Try telling people to join up and the first question asked is: DO YOU HAVE THE REQUIRED MEANS? [whch mean money]. Try telling them that we do, that they get 70% of whatever is collected within the constituency through fund-raisers, membership fees etc., with no questions asked as to what these funds are spent on [ except for religious purposes]. We also know that the grass-roots need to be serviced on every day basis if it is not to dry up or be scorched. Not having been able to achieve this task for the reasons explained, the Party is now going into REVERSE mode where the Candidate is being appointed first, who shall stitch the CWC of a constituency together at his/her own initiative so that once the CWC is is place, it will function ad semper, wherein the incumbent President of the CWC is the candidate for the next elections. Besides, there is a competitive spirit put into these various CWCs. More they work towards collecting funds through enterprising fund-raising schemes, the more they get to spend on projects within the constituency.

To a possible question if this Party has any legislative experience when it talks about forming the Government with freshers, especially when it says that it cannot and will not accept ex or present MLAs. This Party will go a step further and ask another question to that possible question raised. \'WHAT LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? given that the business of Governance is run by IAS and cadre officers? This Party has a ROAD MAP TO FOLLOW. It knows what it wants to do and what it does not want to do. All it has to do is instruct the BUREAUCRACY how this Party\'s government will move and not move. If it does not get the required complaince from the BUREAUCRACY, then the BUREACRACY will have to fend for itself against the might of the Party\'s Government. However, there shall be no coersion involved to move the bureaucracy on the path that it is not supposed to move. The movement shall be as according to the MANUAL which is the ROAD MAP FOR GOA which shall be applicable to the Government and its bureaucracy.. Nothing more, nothing less with everyone falling in line.

This Party shall appreciate positive or negative feedback as the case may be, from the readers, considering that the Party is always open to suggestions and cautions. The Party\'s intention is to cleanly serve GOA and the people of GOA like they have never been served before, transparently and without distinction, but through the RULE OF LAW. Anything else should be pure specilation.

Needless to say that this Party does not intend getting into alliance with other political parties in Goa for the simple reason that this Party believes that the reins of the Party\'s horses that are raring to go ahead to serve Goa on a regimen of strick belt-tightening diet shall be pulled back to stall the force of the movement which any coalition must, which has its own compulsions. However, if this Party does not muster the required number of candidates coming forward to contest on its tickets for the 2017 elections as desired, it shall not be averse to allignment with like minded forces on a \'COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAMME\' , if this is possible when this Party is ready to stretch itself out on half-stomach, as it were.

And we, at the helm of this Party acknowledge that Goans do not like the name given to this Party. However, we must enlighten Goans that the name Su-Raj means Good-Governance [in sanscrit] and has been chosen by 13 to 3 votes by the original sixteen founding members voting on the option of around thirtyfive names that were suggested, through double balotting, a process of shortlisting and choosing the final name. The word GOA has been added to the name subsequently in order to give it the Goa touch.

The Party\'s emblem that has been chosen through a similar process of shortlisting and choosing from many that were suggested, is the LIGHTHOUSE, a measure of hope for the floundered and drifting at sea, which is the similar situation with the people of Goa vis a vis the self-centred politics prevailing for many a decades. However, since the party still remains un-recognized by the election commission and goes as \'registered un-recognized\' political party, it will get the LIGHTHOUSE as its permanent election symbol if it satisfies the following new directives set by the Election Commission viz : Any political party in the state which is able to secure 8% of the total Valid votes polled (by all of its candidates together) will be hence forth recognized as the state party, irrespective of the number of seats it secures. Also, if the party wins 6% of total Votes polled (not only Valid votes) it would qualify for that. In addition party should win one Assembly seat per 25 seats of that state.

Therefore, this Party shall use the \'CANDLES\' from the list of free symbols available as the common symbol of all its Party candidates in the 2017 elections, this symbol having been used by this Party since 2002 elections.

And last but not the least, the Party shall finance its 2017 election campaign through the funds collected through selling the Party\'s Pledge coupons of Rs. 100/- denominations in keeping with the Party\'s slogan which says Small money from a lot of people makes better sense than a lot of money from from a few. The Pledge shall be transcribed in English and Romi & Devnagri Konkani which shall be as under:

I love my Goa
I Pledge my support to make it beautiful, well-planned, prosperous, peaceful, and a land of opportunities for all Goans.
I want it to remain corruption free and strife free.
i want my Goa to be the unifying factor for all Goans.

Floriano Lobo
Founding President & present General Secretary/ Spokesperson.
MOb: 9890470896

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




A/C NO: 056301000050171
SWIFT CODE: IOBAINBB139 [Panjim Branch]
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