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9th. February, 2016

The Goa Su-Raj Party –GSRP has stood the test of time for the past 15 years. For those who may not be aware of this Party, we would like to direct them to the Party’s website which has been in operation since the past 14 years.

This is a serious Party . It has been put together by serious GOANS to tackle Goa’s serious problems of mis-governance. This Party has been about its business of bringing itself to the notice of Goans in all these years. However, unfortunately, the reach has been slow. It has shown its presence in Goa’s electoral processes since the year 2002, when it contested 8 seats, 4 in North Goa and 4 in South Goa. In 2005 the Party contested the Taleigao seat in the by-elections. In 2007 the Party contested from the Aldona Constituency, and in 2012, the Party contested from Aldona as well as from Taleigao constituencies.
We would like to take you back to the year 2002 when GSRP contested from Aldona, Siolim,Calangute and St. Cruz in North Goa, and, from Cortalim, Benaulim, Loutolim and Quepem from South Goa. During our election campaign in the Aldona constituency, we were asked this question by some prominent persons “WILL YOU GUYS BE AROUND IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS?” [Meaning you will not disappear?] Our firm response was “YES. WE SHALL BE THERE AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL YOU FEEL IT FIT TO VOTE US TO POWER”.

True to those words, GSRP has been slowly but steadily building itself into a strong force by participating in every elections since 2002 without deviating from its founding resolves. And we decided that the time for promoting the party was over after the 2012 elections, when a firm decision was taken that the Party shall get into the race to the Legislative Assembly through contesting not less than 30 Assembly seats in 2016-17 elections.

Political parties which mean business need to build-up their strong grass-roots base, without which one cannot hope to achieve any substantial electoral gains. At this point we would not like to point fingers to other political parties who too were slow in making their debut, but examples are many. Being a serious political party with a written ‘Road Map’ and with belt-tightening constitutional provisions, [ through Articles 34 and 38, where Art. 34 does not allow more than 5 member cabinet including the Chief Minister when the State can have a maximum of 12, and, Art 38 debars MLAs from holding offices of profits as chairpersons and directors of government corporations and institutions], this party has not been able to put together its grass-roots base [ even in its home constituency which is the Aldona Constituency] Why? People have lost faith in political movements, especially new arrivals, they having been taken for jolly good rides by the existing ones. However good you might look on the paper, people just do not trust political parties any more. The oft repeated line is: Yes. You guys promise the heaven before elections. But once in power your hidden agenda comes into play and you care a dam about the promises given”. They just do not want to look harder into your iron intentions. So, if people cannot be convinced to come and join in the revolution, how does one set up the grass-roots base? People are receptive to politic only when the election fever grips everyone and not otherwise. One normally hears this line “ Election’nam ailin muntoch pouchem”. And, yes! People have become smarter too. They want to see your capacity to spend as a political game player. If you have the capacity to spend lavishly, everyone is interested to listen to you. You should be able to sponsor anything and everything including give large donations to churches and temples. But even then one must be ready to burn, used and discarded. The mantra seems to be “Let us make the best during the election times as this is the only time to get something out of the politicians and political players”. Besides, if one does manage to put up the grass-roots base, one must have the means to service it. Or it gets scorched and dry up.

This Party knows very well that it is pure suicide to get into a major electoral battle with multiple candidates without the grass-roots base. But GSRP has no alternative. It is going about setting up its grass-roots base in constituencies in the ‘reverse’ manner through declaring its candidates first, while its normal procedure is to set up the CWCs first, which give the constituencies their candidates through electing their respective Presidents. The Party has reserved the tickets to CWC Presidents to remove in-house discontent within the CWCs as the post of the President is the elected post with all Village Representatives voting to elect the President, being fully aware that anyone of the VRs could be the President since all VRs are the potential candidates.

GSRP’s thrust in the 2016-17 elections is three fold:-
(1) To set-up a credible and permanent grass-roots base, through setting up CWCs in all the constituencies contested.
(2) To get the recognition for the Party with the Election Commission [i.e. to log 8 per cent of the total votes polled in all 40 constituencies of Goa]. and,
(3) To install GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND IN GOA for the first time since 1963.
The CWCs are self-funding organizations, where the question of these drying-up for want of funds is remote. They also generate a competitive spirit between themselves to excel, where they get to utilize 70% of the funds collected within the Constituency, to do with these funds what they want through a collective decision making process. However, spending these funds on religious activities is banned.

Coming to the 2016-17 Elections, the Party’s decision to field not less than 30 candidates is supported by the belief that there is a need to send a signal to the dis-illusioned voters of Goa across the board that ‘should they decide to vote for this Party in large numbers to bring about the much needed revolution in Goa, it has the right numbers’. Without right numbers, there is no possibility of convincing the people to vote for a change. Besides, a few candidates, however well groomed, cannot give the Party a large chunk of votes required to get the recognition, but the average vote of votes polled in a multiple contest is sufficiently low and achievable.

We have been often asked the question as to how this Party would run the complex administrative system in Goa effectively without its MLAs having no previous experience in the Legislative Assembly. To that question, we have put a counter question. “WHO RUNS THE GOVERNMENT”? Running the government is the business of trained IAS, IPS. IRS, IFS Government secretaries and officers. Only, there is a need to have a visionary elected government that will channelize this bureaucratic force effectively and positively to the advantage and the betterment of the State. Sadly, this has not been done, more specifically during the past decade or so where this august bureaucratic force has been reduced to being ‘grocery boys and girls’ by the powers that be. This will STOP with GSRP since its system of governance shall be conducive to bureaucratic management directed towards excellence.

This Party is firm on its after election procedures, planned to the dotting of the ‘Is’ and crossing of the ‘ts’. When the Party gets the full majority mandate, its government will have its first introductory Cabinet meeting latest by the ‘third’ day from the day the elections results are declared. This procedure has been show-cased after the 2002 elections, when its 8 candidates were put through this procedure to elect a ‘SHADOW CABINET’ at the post Party Convention held at the T.B. Cunha Hall, as well as to distribute all portfolios through balanced portfolio charts in one go. This Party will also take oath of office, preferably on the same day with the entire cabinet of 5 taking oath collectively in KONKANI, in a low profile oath taking ceremony at the Raj Bhavan , to give the signal to the people of Goa that this Party’s Government means business over the belt-tightening exercises, making profligate spending of tax-payer’s money a matter of the past.
This Party shall not follow any of the procedures conventionally followed for choosing the CM. In this Party’s system, the elected MLAs do not choose the CM, the CM does not choose his/her cabinet colleagues, and has no prerogative to distribute portfolios. This task has been handed over to the delegates of the Party’s POST ELECTIONS CONVENTION comprising of 2 delegates each from every constituency [Presidents & Secretaries of CWCs], with 10 erudite personages from Goa, irrespective of their political affiliations, along with the Party Executive [limited to 40 max], making the total figure of 130, maximum.

We are sure that the people of Goa have been waiting for a REVOLUTION to take place. GSRP is that Revolution. It has not been waiting on the side lines, soaking in rebukes and ridicules for 15 long years for nothing. It must be remembered that Revolutions do not take place every other day. Revolutions take their own sweet time. Revolutions are like avalanches. It holds on until a suitable trigger lets everything go to take down everything in its path. People’s little hurts and bleedings here, frustrations and anger there, do not produce REVOLUTIONS, When these little hurts, bleedings, frustrations coupled with boiling anger are compounded to the point of no return, that is when REVOLUTIONS happen. GSRP believes that Goans have been patiently nursing these little hurts, bleeding, frustrations and anger for far too long, and that, the coming elections will see the REVOLUTION OF THE BALLOTS.

There is all sorts of talks, fears, apprehensions about the splitting of secular votes with too many players in the fray. Votes are bullets that kill self-seeking ambitions and hidden agendas. If it has to be a REVOLUTION FOR A CHANGE, then there is no question of splitting of votes. There are bound to be many political players selling their brand of politics in elections just like there are any number of vendors in the market place selling common items. Can these be stopped? It is impossible to think that all these vendors will merge into just one entity for the benefit of the shoppers. Ironically, the task is on the shoppers themselves to choose what is best for them. Similarly, Goan voters will have to make their choice of what he/she wants, if he/she wants the burden of public debts of 66,000 crores (to be precise) which is weighing heavily over the heads of Goa’s younger generation, lifted, to open up their futures, may it be through quality jobs, quality education, improved quality of life and living standards, not needing them to dream of such things that are available in the western countries. For that to happen, political parties will have to show their blue prints designed to pay-off the crippling public debts . GSRP, btw, has these blue-prints enshrined in its Constitution Articles 34 and 38 previously mentioned. It takes belt-tightening measures to realise these impossible goals. Incidentally, more than half the prevailing public debt can be squashed through determined recovery of the illegal mining loot of 35,000/- crores computed by the Shah Commission.

GSRP is a green revolutionary Party which came about 15 years ago telling the world of Goans that the ‘REVOLUTION HAS JUST BEGUN’ [ Check our website]. It is up to Goans to take this revolution to the logical conclusion. The people of Goa get two things in one with GSRP. They get a successful REVOLUTION with guarantees that this revolution will never go sour on them, and two, they get to install GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND, not in Delhi, not in Nagpur, not in Maharashtra’s Baramati, but right here, on the sacred soil of Goa for the first time since 1961, without the confusion making and sub-standard delivery of a coalition government. Henceforth, decisions that affect Goa and Goans must be taken here in Goa and not elsewhere on the basis of suitcases full of currency notes.


Floriano Lobo
Founding President & present General Secretary cum spokesperson.
Mob: 9890470896

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




A/C NO: 056301000050171
SWIFT CODE: IOBAINBB139 [Panjim Branch]
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