Let me start with the premise that 'MONEY GOES WHERE MONEY IS'

The story goes around that a 'kid' was curious about the above adage. And he wanted to find out more.
He happened to be the son of a shop keeper. He knew that there was a lot of cash in the cash box. Since he was alone in the shop, he decided to experiment. He took a quarter and tried to dip it through the slot to see if there was any magnetic effect. While he was deeply engrossed in what he was doing, i.e. dipping the coin in and out, in came his dad and seeing him playing with the cash box, hollered what are you doing. The boy got a start and withdrew his hand. In the bargain the coin went into the box. Yes, MONEY DOES GO WHERE MONEY IS. The kid had learnt a life's lesson.

A billionaire Donald Trump got elected in a shocking upset where millions of Americans have yet not come to terms with this shocking victory. Yes, Money goes where money is.

Adanis, Ambanis, Reddys, Jeydev Modis, Birlas, Tatas, Dempos, Chowgules, Timblos...... have been walking laughing to the banks with their black 500 and 1000 Rupee notes since April, 2016. Yes, Money goes where money is.

Ms Lata of CNBC tells us that banks which were logging minuscule deposits throughout the year suddenly logged huge percentages in deposits in the third quarter around July/September, 2016 as if the country was bursting at its seams with economic revival. Thanks to the insider information where it is said CHARITY STARTS AT HOME and all the BJP Bakts have been forewarned about the upcoming demonitization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes and the gullible are left in queues high and dry. Yes, Money goes where Money is.

Goa has been unfortunate, firstly, to have been sold lock-stock and barrel by Goa's rolling in pension Freedom fighters to the neo-colonizer - INDIA - never giving a thought for the stakeholders. Even the Portuguese, who had Goa for 451 years could be pacified with Monetary benefits to induce them to sign a VILE Co-operation Treaty where they forgot that they were chased out of their holding of 451 years without their pants. Yes, Money goes where money is.

Jokers like me, having found other jokers, wasted their time and critical resources to coin up a SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE that would resurrect Goa's way of life of the past 451 years, the life having gone into their blood circulation called GOEMKARPONN. The misfortune was that, this motley group of 'deva pau's' discounted the worth of money in today's modern life, and went blasphemous against money in POLITICS. At that time, sixteen years ago, they thought they were on the right tract to bring in reformation in public life, that people would want to dissociate themselves from the lure of money to save their own skins and the lives of their future generations. Are we disappointed? YES. People are where Money is.

SAVE GOA FRONT [SGF] came about sensitizing us Goans on the ill effects of the future MOPA Airport. The Icon that was against MOPA Airport had immersed himself into this movement. He wanted the Navy to vacate Dabolim so that Dabolim could attain the status of one of the best International Airports in the world. Alas! He too saw the need of money to get elected and betted the wrong horse. In the bargain, not only did he lose his own life, but he, unfortunately, lost the soul of his dear partner in life for the lure of money. Yes, Money goes where Money is.

If someone writes a good book, he/she gets a Nobel Prize. If someone does some sensible work in his/her own environs, he/she gets a Magsaysay Award. I helped to write a Constitution and a Road Map to shore up Goa and protect it from being vandalized. I never expected a Nobel Prize for this. Neither did I expect a Magsaysay Award. But the scant attention that it has received could be only emphasized in the Guinness book of world records. Yes, You do not have money, No one is going to look at you. You have no chance.

BTW: A chance for whom? For Goa or for Floriano Lobo and his cronies who supported him? Well, this shall be a zillion dollar question that will eat up Goans from the inside in times to come.

We at GSRP were adamant to say after the 2012 elections that we shall not be contesting elections in constituencies where the Party had no CONSTITUENCY WORKING COMMITTEES [CWCs] which are the grass-roots of the Party. Unbelievably, GSRP, in spite of having declared that it is going to contest 30 out of 40 seats minimum in 2017, it does not have takers.

There is the talk that at election times weaker political parties only contest to split votes so that their favourite big brothers or sisters get the advantage. Since GSRP does not have any big or small brother or sister, and since it is the only child God gave Goa in its 55 years of struggling to survive, it is in the process of deciding whether to test the waters in 2017 or not. The least that GSRP can bear is the accusation that it helped the wrong people in the formation of the next vital government.

Goa Su-Raj Party loves Goa. And it believes that what goes up artificially must come down, that the artificial sing-song is far from being genuine. GSRP shall support anyone who will do its utmost to ground MOPA airport in Goa and who will work endlessly to get the illegal Navy out from Goa's civilian airport since 1955.

If this is not the Special Status that Goans are asking for, then GSRP does not know what Special Status is.

It is time for benevolent God Fathers to step in. BENEVOLENT, because benevolence is not vested interests that we see in abundance today. Today's vested interests are like ' wanting to pile the mud on one's own grave' for whatever it is worth. Do we want to tie up Goa in knots with vested interests so that it is difficult for it to come out clean and un-strapped?

Goans themselves shall be the best judges.

Floriano Lobo