Goa has not had a GOA-CENTRIC Government since 1963. It is unfortunate that Goa’s First Regional Party which ruled Goa for 17 years was counter-productive as far as fulfilling of the ASPIRATIONS of the GOAN PEOPLE are concerned, and instead of uniting Goa’s various communities, it sought to divide and rule, which divisions are still playing havoc within the communities with the National Parties cashing-in on these divisions to the detriment of Goa and Goans.

If at all Goans have left the shores of GOA to settle or to work outside Goa, mostly in foreign lands, for better job opportunities and better standards of living, it is because the successive governments in Goa have not planned for the assimilation of the GOAN work-force by catering to better salaried job requirements, thus leaving the field open for non-goans to fill the vacuum. It is but natural that the feelings for Goa’s up-lift and betterment cannot be expected from those who come to Goa, to make Goa their temporary home, in search for better prospects, especially when the basic ‘rules of the road’ are allowed to be lax, if in place, or absent altogether. If this situation prevails for much too long, Goa will cease to be Goa that was, sooner than later.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for Goa’s ‘Regional’ politics to take up the cudgels and establish GOA’s own High Command in Goa instead of relegating Goa’s sensitive affairs to insensitive High Commands in New Delhi and elsewhere in India, in order to start the healing process of the deep wounds that have been inflicted on Goa and Goans before they start festering through sepsis.

GOA, today, is burdened with a huge public debt of more than 5100 crores. This is increasing by the day with governments of the day spending crores of rupees on projects that are unnecessary, unplanned , of white-elephant status, in order to keep their vote-banks and the vested interests satisfied for the continuance of their respective rules. The load of this crippling public debts on the future generations to come is not a sign that can be ignored for long and a thought must be given to keep GOA’s public debts to a minimum if not eliminated altogether, so that Goa’s posterity may rest assured that there is something in the ‘pot’ for the rainy day, since life is becoming more and more difficult by the day and increasingly un-manageable with soaring inflation ruling the roost and job opportunities on the decline.

The other aspect which is increasingly raising consciousness of Goans is that Goa’s successive governments since 1963 have not paid heed to the fact that Goa was not liberated like we Goans are given to believe but forcibly ‘annexed’ and ‘occupied’ without offering Goans a chance to decide what they wanted to do with themselves, with the Portuguese yolk of 451 years having been removed from their shoulders, thanks to the ‘Indian intervention’. However, as amply promised by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Goans were not given the opportunity to decide through a plebiscite whether they wanted to join the Indian Union lock-stock and barrel or remain semi-autonomous to protect it’s demographic profile through ‘Special Provisions’ provided in Article 371 of the Indian Constitution, to safeguard GOA’s culture, ethos and most importantly, it’s very limited land and it’s mineral resources. On the contrary, Goa was opened to the rest of India in every possible way and manner so that the Goan population which was hardly over 5 lakhs or thereabout at the time of annexation and completely raw as far as technical and industrial experience and expertise or know-how was concerned, to be run over by the deluge from the rest of industrially far ahead India, to be engulfed and choked, thereby resulting in mass migration of Goans to the western world, having no skills in industrial managements and entrepreneurships other than in the Civil Administrative and the Hospitality sectors. Another crippling factor was the mindless ‘Land to the Tiller’ Act promoted by the first Goa’s government where Goan land-owners lost their properties as well as their confidence in themselves, thereby attributing to mass migration. Also, those land owners who had their lands, sold these at throw-away prices and left, having lost all confidence in the rule of law prevailing at that time.

The Indian Navy, for it’s part, has taken advantage of the much talked about ‘Operation Vijay’ during the 1961 war with Goa, and has established it’s defence operations at Goa’s Dabolim airport, unmindful of the fact that this air-strip was used for Goa’s Civilian flights during the erstwhile Portuguese regime and therefore a much legitimate Goa’s Civilian Airport’. For another, the Indian Army has gone on land acquisition rampage where the erstwhile military Portuguese rulers who ruled Goa for four and half centuries, would be made to look like mere clowns for having occupied a minuscule amount of Goan ‘virgin’ land for their military operations and policing needs. Furthermore, in spite of India setting up a modern Sea Bird Air-Naval Base at neighbouring Karwar, in the state of Karnataka, at a whopping cost of over rupees 10000 crores, [read ten thousand] a mere stone’s throw away from Goa, with it’s completed cost targeted at being approximately rupees 35,000 crores [http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/NAVY/Today/Contemporary/60-Project-Seabird.html], the Navy has not only refused to shift it’s operations from Goa, which operations is considered as ‘small defence enclave’, but on the contrary, has also sought to expand it’s holdings in Goa through acquiring of large tracks of land including Goa’s off-shore Islands which are vital for Goa’s tourism industry’s sustenance, tourism being Goa’s ‘bread and butter’ so to speak. Also, the army, for it’s part, is occupying Goa’s prestigious landmark building in the heart of the Capital City of Panjim as it’s Signal Head Quarters, in spite of having been allocated a vast track of prime land at the Bambolim plateau, just a few kilometers away from the City of Panjim. With the above, if Goa cannot be called ‘ Indian Occupied Goa’ [IOG] then we Goans do not know what Occupation is all about.

To add to Goa’s misfortune, the government of the day is planning to build another civilian international airport at crippling costs to the exchequer when nothing has been done to rescue Goa’s Dabolim Civilian Airport from the Navy’s illegal grip. It is feared that if this new airport at MOPA ( to be located at the northern most tip of Goa, bordering Maharashtra) does come up, the Navy, which is fully controlling the Dabolim’s civilian flights will shut it down for civilian use altogether, with the Navy having got what it wanted since 1961, the undisputed prize of war. Goa has already lost the Anjediva Island close to Karwar to the Navy, it having been offered to the Navy by our predecessor government on a ‘silver platter’ without any foresight and where, despite the hand-over contract clearly records a ‘Clause’ that the Christian community of Goa and Karnataka shall be allowed to worship at the existing religious shrine on the Island every year, to follow the rituals of the past centuries, the Navy has gone against this very ‘clause’ in the contract and has stopped religious worship on the Island citing fictitious security reasons.

This Party, which was born in the year 2000, having weathered-it-out in Goa’s hostile political climate of money and muscle power, is now stepping out to make it’s presence felt for the first time in an organized manner, to market it’s High Ideals on ‘Good Effective Governance’ and to give Goans an opportunity to keep their chins high so that they are able to set up GOA’S own HIGH COMMAND in Goa for the continued well-being of Goa and Goans under the following sensitive agenda:

1. The very first thing that will happen when GSRP takes the helm of Goa’s Governance in hand is to pass the following RESOLUTIONS in the Goa Legislative Assembly which Resolutions are not expected to see the light of the day with the National Parties in power in Goa.


a) That the Election Commission of India undertakes the exercise to sanitize Goa’s electoral rolls with a cut-off date as ‘1968 ‘ to prevent the dilution of Goa’s demographic profile and also to prevent Goa from getting the governments that it does not deserve to make a total mockery of the much touted about ‘DEMOCRACY’.

b) That the Indian Navy shifts it’s Naval Operations, classified as ‘small defence enclave’ from Goa to either Karwar Sea Bird Base or elsewhere to hand-over Goa’s Civilian Dabolim Airport to Goa’s Civilian Authority to be named after Goa’s father of the ‘Opinion Poll – 1967’ as ‘DR. JACK DE SEQUEIRA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT’.

c) That the Army Signal Head-Quarters at Panjim be shifted to Bambolim’s Army enclave to hand-over this prestigious building back to the Government of Goa.

d) That the Indian Parliament amend the Constitution of India w.r.t. Article 371 to give Goa the ‘Special Provisions’ [Special Status] in order to protect Goa’s identity, it’s culture and it’s ethos, as also to protect Goa’s limited land and mineral resources in the like manner that these Special Provisions are extended to NAGALAND, considering GOA to be unique after having been ruled by a Western Nation for 451 years.

e) To cancel the MOPA International Airport project lock-stock and barrel and return the acquired lands (if any) to it’s legitimate owners to afford them to continue with their agricultural/horticultural practices and preferential trades.

f) That Dr, Jack de Sequeira’s full monument be installed prominently in the Capital City of Panjim to give full honour to Goa’s father of Opinion Poll-1967 without whose leadership Goa would cease to be an independent state but be a mere district of Maharashtra through the Merger of Goa into Maharashtra as sought by Goa’s first Government of Goa by the then ruling Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party of Goa.

2. The other items which are covered in the Party’s Permanent Manifesto, the ROAD MAP FOR GOA and which are extensively talked about are:-

i) LAW & ORDER: Judiciary; Lok Ayukta; Sub-Registrars; Police; Immigration & Customs; Vigilance; Jails & Jail Administration; Security Services.

ii) GENERAL POLICIES: Administrative Enhancement; RTI; Promotion of Civil Servants; State Finance; Revenue & Taxation; Public Works & P.W.D.; Public Works tenders; Highways; Urban & Sub-Urban Roads; Bridges & Flyovers; Potable water supply & Water Conservation; Women & Water; Rain water harvesting; Water Supply for Commercial purposes; Common Infrastructure; Sewage & Sewerage system; Panchayat & Municipalities; Market & Market hygiene; Garbage & Trash disposal; Best City/Town-Village Awards; River Fronts; Rivers & Waterways.; Marine Jetties & Wharfs; Mangroves, River-banks, Salt-Pans & Khazan Lands; Saline Ponds-Sluice Gates & Bunds …. Additional: To make mining a Co-Operative Movement with mining profits to be shared with every Goan Household [3 Lakh odd] @Rs. 10,000/- per month for life [ say 25 years]

iii) TOWN 7 COUNTRY PLANNING: Universal Building Code; Health-care; Hospitals; Clinics-Diagnostic Centers & Clinical Labs; Food & Nutrition; Food & Drug Administration.

iv) SOCIAL CARE: Old-age-Homes; Orphanages; Homes for Mentally Retarded-unbalanced-insane; Handicapped.

v) PUBLIC TRANSPORT & RTO: Standardization of vehicle number plates; Road Markings; Automated Traffic Signals; Speed Breakers; Road Safety; Vehicular Pollution; Horns & Uses; Silence Zones; Road Marshals; Public Parking.
vi) POWER GENERATION 7 SUPPLY [WIND-HYDRO-SOLAR] : Improved services & Norms.

vii) EDUCATION: Government Primary Schools; Medium of Instruction; High School and Higher Secondary Level; University & College Campuses; Technical Education & Vocational Training; Extra Curricular Activities.


ix) ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY PROTECTION: Pollution Control Board; Environment Tax; Noise Pollution[Loud Music & Funnel Speakers, Fire-Crackers & Cracker Bombs, Multi-tone & Pressure Horns, Heavy Machinery & Heavy-Duty Transport Carriers, Discharge of Oil, Sewage & Toxic effluents Wastes, Vehicular Pollution (engine exhaust].



xii) TOURISM[norms-projects & development]- Conserving our Culture; Conserving our Ethos; Conserving our Heritage; Spreading Awareness; Eco-Tourism; Norms; Licences to Bars & Restaurants; Beaches.



xv) INDUSTRIES: Single Window Clearance; Public Hearings; Mining; Bore-wells; Industrial Pollution; Toxic Waste Disposal.

xvi) FISHERIES: Control on excessive fishing & trawler density; Fish-net mess Regulation; Fishing Ban during Fish-Breeding Season; Fish Preservation & Storage; Sale of fresh fish; Pollution of fish-breeding grounds; Aqua & Pisci culture.

xvii) NEGLECTED CITIZENS: SCs, STs & OBCs ; Ecological Refugees; Freedom Fighters; Senior Citizens & Students; Sports & Other Personalities of yester-years.

xviii) ESSENTIAL NEW FACILITIES: Public Crematoria; Public Auditoria; Museums; Archives-Document preservation & restoration; Sports/Athletic Stadia; Public Exhibition Grounds; Satellite Townships; Multi-storied Parking; Industrial Estates; Special Economic Zone [SEZ]; Radio/TV studios & Broadcasting stations.


This Party shall try to field as many candidates as possible, if not all 40, in 2017 Goa’s General Legislative Assembly Elections so that the people of Goa may look forward for a PRE-PLANNED and ACCEPTABLE CHANGE in how Goa is Administered. The procedures that the Party will follow before and after election are available on the said website at www.goasu-raj.org.

The salient features of this Party’s Constitution which are non-amendable and which will usher-in disciplined governance are:

Article 34: Only 5 member Cabinet (including the CM)

Article 38: MLAs non-eligible to hold posts of Chairmanships and Directorships of
Government run Corporations and Institutions.

Besides the above, there is no Chief Minister designate. The Chief Minister and the Cabinet [of Five only] shall be chosen at the post election Party Convention by an ‘ELECTORAL COLLEGE’ which is basically comprised of the Party executive, members of the Party’s grass-roots organizations i.e. the Presidents and Secretaries of Constituency Working Committees [CWCs] of all the 40 Constituencies, as well as a limited number [ i.e. 10 max] of erudite citizens of Goa, not necessarily connected to the party, and where each Cabinet Member shall get his/her full complement of PORTFOLIOS, all in one go before taking the oath of office. The oath taking ceremony shall be at Goa’s Prestigious RAJ BHAVAN with minimum, if not negligible cost to the EXCHEQUER. Thereafter, the full-fledged government shall be in place and running in shortest possible time to the satisfaction of the proud citizens of GOA.

This Party’s government shall be responsible ONLY to implement the Party’s Manifesto in Toto and NOT to take any policy decisions, which decisions shall be the prerogative of the Party’s HIGH COMMAND IN GOA, to frame such policy decisions through a well defined consultative process with the people of Goa.



a) Landed Casinos shall be restricted. Floating Casinos shall be shifted off-shore beyond one nautical mile from the Coast of Goa.
b) All creeks shall be rendered as touristic attractions, clean and unpolluted.
c) Sporting venues, play-grounds, leisure parks and jogging tracks shall be put in place in every city and town to function as LUNGS for the people.
d) NoMoZo [ NO MOTORIZED ZONE] sectors shall be defined in every town and city for weekdays and weekends with established universal timings throughout Goa.
e) Garbage clearance and city/town cleaning and sanitizing shall be undertaken well before 6 a.m. each day and well before the arrival of first visitor into the city and town with cleaning and sanitization of market places given top priority.
f) Sewerage systems shall be provided to the entire Coastal belt of Goa as well as all major towns and cities on a dead-line basis.
g) Regional Plan: The validity of any Regional Plan [RP] shall be strictly 10 years. No changes shall be entertained whatsoever after the concerned RP comes into force. The planning for the next RP shall be running concurrently during the implementation period of the RP which planning shall be implemented into the next RP. Each Village shall prepare it’s own Regional Plan with the Government holding the ‘veto’ power in matters of Eco-Sensitive planning and security matters.
h) All internal rivers and tributaries shall be rendered erosion free through securing the banks with tetra-pod barricades.
i) Excellent and envious river transportation [people as well as cargo] from point to point through [hydrofoil] speed boat system.
j) RoRo ferries of new universal design to replace existing out-dated ferries where bridges are un-wanted and un-desirable.
k) Panchayats and Municipalities shall be sensitized thro’ appropriate amendments to hold the Sarpanchas and the Chairpersons respectively totally and absolutely responsible and accountable with full implementation of the 73rd and 74th amendments.
l) Goa’s sea beaches shall be de-congested and de-cluttered, rendered clean, regulated and made safe for bathing. ‘Beach –Shacks’ policy shall be reviewed and strictly implemented.
m) Law and Order shall be establish on priority basis where crime and criminals will be sought to be banished and crime- underworld cautered in every respect. Under this Party’s administration, the Police department will hold it’s head high and be respected and shall not be interfered with by the political class.
n) Evolve a new system of ‘house’ numbering so that houses in each ward of every village are easily distinguished and remain permanent to rule out any future delimitation frauds played by the Panchayat and Municipal administrations. The system will be such that scope for future additions of house numbers shall remain abundant without changing the characteristics of the ward numbering.

Sd/- Sd/-

President General Secretary

NOTE: This document, as it stands, is not final. Changes may or may not be effected. This document may be expanded or compressed. Even if changes are effected in this final document, the essence of the document and assurances given shall not change. This document is sought to be published as it will serve to receive positive and/or negative feed-back so that it becomes a more universally acceptable final document for ground change in Goa’s administration.

This Party is grounded in it’s beliefs and therefore it may or may not accept what it may consider as ‘negative suggestions’, though feed-back and suggestions are MOST WELCOME.

Thank you