GSRP is registered with the Election Commission of India, New Delhi, on 31 August, 2000. It contested Goa’s general elections in 2002 with 8 candidates, Taleigao by-elections in 2005, Aldona in 2007, and Aldona+Taleigao in 2012. The Party has also contested the MormugaoLokSabhaseat in 2014. Up to this time the Party had been content in promoting itself and strengthening its founding resolves, its roots, and, following the LokSabha Elections, the Party made a firm resolve that it would come out in 2017 Assembly Elections with not less than 30 candidates, lead by the Party’s founding President and present General Secretary, Mr. Floriano Lobo to contest from No. 10-Aldona Constituency, to send a positive signal to Goans that it is now ready in all respects with its firmed ‘after Elections’ procedures, to give Goa it’s own High Command in Goa, the right numbers in fielding candidates being the necessary criterion to convince the Goan electorate.

GSRP still remains a ‘registered’ Party. To obtain the status of a ‘recognized’ Party, the requirementis either an aggregate of 8% of the overall votes polled in the State, Or, to have 1 MLA elected plus an aggregate of 6% votes polled in the State. GSRP is confident of achieving much more than this target in 2017 elections.

It must be realized that, in a political climate where money rules the roost, it is difficult to get individuals to contest elections on a meager diet. This Party’s founding principles are reflected in the ‘slogan’ that says ‘ Small money from a lot of people makes better sense than a lot of money from moneyed people”, and, therefore, the Party the people of Goa to participate in this endeavour with [as the Konkani saying goes] “Full-na-Phakli”.To raise funds, the Party has come out with ‘I LOVE MY GOA’ pledge coupons of various denominations which makes all the more sense of raising funds without creating unnecessary recriminations, in that, those who wish to donate to the Party will do so because they love their Goa and want it preserved as such. However, the Party’s endeavours to give Goa a clean and lean government has, so far, takenthe enlistment of candidates for 2017 elections to the half-way mark and the Party is confident that very soon it will have its required numbers, to enable itto embark on a modest but necessary, effective, election ‘campaign trail’ with the means available at its disposal. So help us GOA , help us GOD.

Goa never has had its own High Command in Goa, and, it has been seen that outside High Commands have had no interest of Goa and Goans at heart. Goa has, and is being used, as a ‘goose’ that lays ‘golden eggs’. This will stop only when Goans themselves realise this. The time has come for Goans to stop for a moment to THINK.

With the cadre based communal BJP-RSS government ruling Goa, secular votes of Goans are sought to be divided so that the split in votes will benefit the ruling Party. However, we believe that Goans at large do not want the BJP to continue further with its U-turns infested misrule. But the vote-split is the worry of most political thinkers, with many political players pulling up their socks to get into the fray. Besides, it is impossible to get all the ‘opposition’ players in one basket to challenge the BJP in Goa on the lines of the ‘mahagadbhandan’ we saw in the recent elections in Bihar. Therefore, it is seen that the vote-split is inevitable with all its trappings of danger.

BUT THE QUESTION IS: “ Who will split the votes” . Certainly, the finger are beingpointed to the various political players i.e. National, Regional and/or Independents. But sadly, this is not so. It is ‘YOU’ the individual voter who will be responsible for the split in votes.This is a free, democratic country, where every political thought may be sold at election times, just like the many ‘ONION VENDORS’ in the market place who sell Onions. Incidentally, when you cut the ‘onion’, it makes you cry, whether it is a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ onion. If it is a bad one, the tears are of bitterness, anger and frustration, because youfeel that youhave been cheated by the onion vendor. But this is not so, because, you had ample opportunity to check out the onions before buying them, and, therefore, it is your fault. Instead, if you had been diligent in choosing your onions, those tears would be the tears of JOY. In the like manner, you need to carefully and painstakingly check out the various political players on their agendas, the hidden ones, more than the ones on display, in order to avoid bitter tear of anger and frustration, later.

Dear Goans and Goa lovers,

Please vote for ‘YOURSELVES’. Do not make crorepatis out of politicians with your hard-earned tax-money, and, certainly not at the cost of the future of your children. Vote for the fool-proof‘programme’ that must be written down by political parties for the betterment of Goa and Goans. Check out this programme,paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, word byword beforeaccepting it, asking burning relevant questions. Touch it, hold it, to see if it makes you feel comfortable. Vote for the ‘programme’ that will pay-off the Rs.70,000 crores of accumulatedpublic debts by your successive governments through leading profligate life-style with your hard-earned tax-money, giving you dustand stink to breathe [PanjimPatto], sub-standard public transport to commute in, contaminated water to drink, mosquito menace 365 days of the year, etc., to name a few, for your efforts, leaving no future for your children. Vote for the ‘programme’ that will save your precious land, water bodies, agricultural fields, coconut groves and your forests, give better education, better skills and better jobs to your children, improve your standards of living minus the filth and incompetence prevailing everywhere. Vote for the programme that will resurrect your age-old Comunidadesfrom extinction,criminally affecting Goa’s agricultureto make youentirely dependent on the neighbouring states for your agro-products. Vote for the ‘programme’ that will sanitize Goa’s electoral rolls so that you may choose for yourselves the governments that you alone deserve. Vote for real development that you can touch, like International standards Inter-state bus terminuses for Goa, especially for the Capital City of Panjim, instead of Rs. 2 Crore worth each ‘public toilets’.Vote for the ‘programme’ that will not bring bitter tears to your eyes like the bad onions do. And, last but not least, DO NOT SPLIT YOUR VOTE but VOTE for GOA’S OWN HIGH COMMAND IN GOA which Goa has never had since 1961, so that decisions relating to Goa and Goansare taken right here in Goa and not elsewhere.
[Abstract from GSRP’s Theme Song]
‘CANDLES’ has always been the 'free symbol' used by GSRP in all previous elections. ‘CANDLES’ shall be, in most probability, the collective 'free symbol' of the Party's candidates in the Elections - 2017.
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