1. The President of the CWC shall be the natural choice for the candidate for the Constituency under the normal circumstances.

2. The Secretary of the CWC shall be the ‘Substitute’ Candidate.

3. The Party Supreme Executive has the powers to decide whether the CWC President or any Party Executive member shall be given the ticket. Incase the Party Supreme Executive decides in favor of a Party Executive as the Party’s candidate for a particular constituency, this decision shall be binding on the CWC.

4. The funding of the CWCs shall be on the basis of 70% roll-back from any and all funds collected within the Constituency. CWCs are allowed to spend their funds in any way manner they like and as per the minuted records of the CWC meetings. However, such funds are prohibited to be used on any/all religious activities or for any religious purposes.


6. It is mandatory for the Party Candidate/s for any/all Constituency/s to file a notarized affidavit with the Party towards the acceptance of the Party Ticket under stipulated terms and conditions so that there is no misunderstanding in the future on how the Party intends to proceed with the governance of the state.

7. The procedures followed at the post election Party Convention to choose the Cabinet and distribute portfolios shall be binding on all at all times. However, if after the Party Convention, and in the qualified opinion of the Party’s Supreme Executive, the CM elect is not the right person to take over as the Party’s first CM but feels that any non-elected Supreme Executive Member should take over as the CM to lead the Party’s Government in the right direction as envisaged by the founders of the Party, the choice of the Party’s Supreme Executive shall be made known at the convention and this choice shall be binding on all. Such position shall be temporary for a period of 6 months only, as permitted under the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, and the said ‘acting’ CM shall vacate the position in favour of the CM elect who shall take over as the legitimate CM for the rest of the term.. Should such eventuality arise, the Cabinet shall be a 6 members instead of the stipulated 5 and the acting CM shall hold the portfolios of Finance and Home with the rest of the portfolio’s in the CM’s chart handled by the CM elect.

8. The Party’s Cabinet shall take the Oath of Office COLLECTIVELY and in KONKANI.

9. The First Cabinet meeting shall take place with all Heads of Departments present as well as the heads of Secretarial staff. This meeting shall be considered as the introductory meeting to lay the foundation for the future co-ordinated working between the Departments and the Cabinet.

10. Cabinet members shall meet on every day basis to give credence to the co-ordinated working of all ministries. These Cabinet meetings shall be considered as working Cabinet meetings wherein any/all decisions taken in these meetings shall have official Cabinet approvals.

11. It shall be proper and mandatory for any Cabinet member to question, make a suggestion or request information, from any other colleague minister/s regarding the working of their respective portfolio departments. This shall, in no way be considered as an offence or prejudicial or interference in the working of the individual cabinet minister’s department/s.

12. The cabinet members shall not be entitled to personal security. Security threats if arises, the coverage of security to individual cabinet members, including the CM shall be evaluated as per the actual threat perception and taken care of, accordingly.

13. V.I.P and V.V.I.P. culture shall be terminated and no Government Minister, including CM and/or any high ranking Government official/s shall be authorized to use RED BEACONS on the Government/private vehicles. However, the existing protocol for national/ foreign leaders/dignitaries shall be observed when on Official State visits.

14. MLAs shall not get the ‘SECOND TERM’ to give credence of the Party’s slogan. ‘NO SECOND TERM’. However, the party allows MLAs to hold second terms provided that the respective CWCs [CONSTITUENCY WORKING COMMITTEES] are agreeable. The Party does not allow consecutive THIRD TERM for its MLAs.

15. As far as possible, No ex-MLAs shall be admitted into the Party to maintain the Party’s founding un-written commitment.

16. The Party’s Government shall respect all religions on equal basis but shall be NON-RELIGIOUS with its outlook to maintain Secular Neutrality. No government grants or facilities shall be given to any religious institution/s or to any of its followers under any circumstances. Grants/facilities shall be available for pan-religious communities as these shall be extended to all citizens irrespective of their religious affiliations. Religion shall be kept out of government recruitment processes and shall be on merits only. Public funds shall not be used on religions or to sponsor religious activities. However, age old customary practices shall be respected.

17. The Party shall remain adamantly against any/all reservations but shall give first preference to the members of the weaker sections, and for women, but on merit lists only with no exception whatsoever.

18. The Party’s Government shall not deviate from the Party’s ROAD MAP FOR GOA, but shall treat it as its GEETA, BIBLE & QORAN. The Party’s Government shall not execute any policies unless and until these are whetted by the Party’s Supreme Executive.

19. The Party’s Government shall be engaged in BELT-TIGHTENING EXERCISES and shall put maximum emphasis on repayment of the Public Debts through spending Tax-payer’s money prudently to remain within its means, so that this over-burdening yolk of Public Debts is ultimately lifted from the shoulders of the posterity. Cabinet Ministers and MLAs shall be prohibited to go on national/foreign jaunts/study tours.

20. The Party shall maintain its middle position between the electorate on the one side and its government on the other side to shield both from engaging with one another. The Government shall deliver the promises to the electorate as given by the Party in its Election Manifesto i.e. the ROAD MAP FOR GOA. The electorate shall not be directing its frustrations towards the government but to the Party which in turn shall be obligated to direct its government to implement what has been promised in the manifesto. The status quo of the electorate talking to the Party and vice versa as was the case before elections shall be maintained at all times after elections.