The Party considers that Goa's mineral resources belong to the people of Goa and believes that, if its exploitation does not benefit Goa and Goans, these resources must lie buried and untouched. The mining operations, in its limited and controlled form, shall be taken over by the State under the Goa State Mineral Resources Development Corporation - GSMRDC, cancelling all existing mining leases. The Party shall create a fund with the mining income and shall utilize the profits and/or interest earned thereof to (1) Partly pay off the crushing public debt, and (2) To put in place highest quality of infrastructures to facilitate Goa’s development. Additionally, bonafide Goan households shall be made shareholders in Goa’s mineral resources who will benefit from periodic dividends on the profits made from the sale of mineral ores (iron & manganese) once the aforesaid commitments are taken care of. The Rs. 35000 crore illegal booty with the mine owners indicted in the Shah commission report shall be recovered through Enforcement Directorate if not repaid into the Government treasury within a specified period of time. The same amount shall be put in fix-deposit and the interest earned on it shall be paid to every GOAN HOUSEHOLD at the rate of Rs. 10,000/- per month for the next 25 years as mining profits share.
[See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [XX] [3] INDUSTRIES: [pg: ]

The GOA SU-RAJ PARTY [GSRP], the GREEN REVOLUTIONARY PARTY of Goa of 14 years standing, through this early release of its manifesto, makes it known to Goans at large and lovers of Goa, that it is serious about contesting the next GOA LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS scheduled to take place in 2017, or earlier, as the case may be, from a minimum of 30 (thirty) constituencies out of 40, in order to give Goans the opportunity to vote to install a truly ‘Goa Centric Government in Goa having its HIGH COMMAND in GOA for the first time since 1961.

The Party's Manifesto for these Elections shall be its ‘PERMANENT MANIFESTO’ for Good-Effective-Governance of Goa outlined in the Party's ‘ROAD MAP FOR GOA’ released on 20th. August, 2005 [re-edited version released on 28 November, 2014 as 2nd. Edition], coupled with the Party's serious belt-tightening commitments spelt out in Articles 34 and 38, of its CONSTITUTION, in general, and the following specific commitments of the Party toward Goa, in particular:-


The Party shall press for this demand with the Centre until it is achieved so that Goa may effectively frame laws to protect its land, its culture/s and, its long since nurtured identity, increasingly threatened in recent years through massive demographic dilution.

The Party shall frame new legislations as required under the prevailing laws to protect its land, its cultural identity and demographic balance, not to wait for the Special Status to be granted by the Centre The Party shall repeal legislations which are in use that are counter productive in terms of promoting development of Goa and Goans. Example: Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964, which has particularly made Goa dependent on other States for its needs of agricultural produce.

The Party acknowledges the fact that the ‘twin airports’ concept is to fool Goans. The Navy and the successive governments of Goa have connived to make Dabolim airport entirely the defence airport with no room for civilian traffic through this ingenious way of promoting/building another airport at MOPA.

The proposed airport at MOPA is unacceptable to this Party. The Party strongly believes that this development, with arbitrary ‘400%’ development ratio [F.A.R.] is a massive land scam and will create ecological disaster for Goa. This airport is nothing but the back-door merger of Goa into Maharashtra.

The Party will name Dabolim Airport as ‘DR. JACK DE SEQUEIRA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - DABOLIM – GOA, to honour Goa’s Icon, Dr. Jack de Sequeira, in gratitude for saving Goa for Goans. The Indian Navy shall be asked, in no uncertain terms, to shift its defence operations from Dabolim in its entirety to the new naval base being built in Karwar as part of Project Sea Bird. Goa, more specifically, the Mormugao Harbour and the Vasco City is vulnerable in the event of an enemy attack on military installation in close proximity.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [II] [14] GENERAL POLICIES: [pg: ]
The Party shall hold Navy accountable to the terms of the memorandum signed with the Government of Goa when handing over the Anjediva Island to the Navy, to restore yearly pilgrimage worship and celebration of the feast of ‘Our lady of Springs” [Nossa Senhora das Brotas] on the Island by the civilian population. The Party shall reclaim the Island after the Navy moves out from Dabolim.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [II] [13] GENERAL POLICIES: [pg: ]
The Party shall ask the army HQ 2 Signal Training Centre in Panjim, located in the heart of Panjim city, to hand-over the premises back to the Panjim Municipalily. The army may relocate this Centre at Bambolim or anywhere else outside the limits of the city of Panjim.

The Party shall reinstate the Comunidades of Goa to their post 1961 administrative excellence as Goa’s agrarian institutions to revive Goa’s agriculture which has fallen prey to the Agricultural Tenancy Act. 1964. The Party shall introduce government subsidized mechanized co-operative farming to make Goa self-sufficient in agricultural production to stop Goa’s dependence on neighbouring states for the same.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [XIX] GAOKARIES [COMUNIDADES] [pg: ]
The Party considers that Goa's mineral resources belong to the people of Goa and believes that, if its exploitation does not benefit Goa and Goans, these resources must lie buried and untouched. The mining operations, in its limited and controlled form, shall be taken over by the State under the Goa State Mineral Resources Development Corporation - GSMRDC, cancelling all existing mining leases. The Party shall create a fund with the mining income and shall utilize the profits and/or interest earned thereof to (1) Partly pay off the crushing public debt, and (2) To put in place highest quality of infrastructures to facilitate Goa’s development. Additionally, bonafide Goan households shall be made shareholders in Goa’s mineral resources who will benefit from periodic dividends on the profits made from the sale of mineral ores (iron & manganese) once the aforesaid commitments are taken care of. The Rs. 35000 crore illegal booty with the mine owners indicted in the Shah commission report shall be recovered through Enforcement Directorate if not repaid into the Government treasury within a specified period of time. The same amount shall be put in fix-deposit and the interest earned on it shall be paid to every GOAN HOUSEHOLD at the rate of Rs. 10,000/- per month for the next 25 years as mining profits share.
[See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [XX] [3] INDUSTRIES: [pg: ]

The Party shall amend these Acts to devolve powers to these self-governing bodies, enumerated under 73rd and 74th. Amendments to the Constitution of India. Amendments shall also be made to hold Sarpanchas of Panchayats and Chair-Persons of Municipalities, respectively, totally accountable for any/all illegalities and/or for dereliction/abrogation of duties with prescribed penalties including jail terms for serious offences. This Party Is against conducting elections to these self-governing bodies on political party lines.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [III] [9] GENERAL ADMINISTRATION: [pg: ]

11. LAW & ORDER:
The Party shall improved Law and Order in the State through effective Police Reforms. Government Ministers and MLAs shall be banned from interfering with the Police Administration. Police personnel transfers shall be monitored by the especially constituted ‘Civilian Services Board’. Recruitment in the Goa Police shall be effectively streamlined.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ Chapter [I] LAW & ORDER: [pg: ]
The Party shall introduce the ‘Single Window Clearance’ for Industries. All requirements for the industry set-up shall be made available from this window without the interested parties having to run from pillar to post. Eighty 80% employment for sons/daughters of the soil on basis of GOANS FIRST shall be strictly implemented. Acceptable industries shall be listed and this list shall be enforced to send a clear signal to the industrial world about Goa’s choice of industries. Industries wanting to set up shop in Goa shall be required to set up training facilities in case the required skills are not available in Goa. Labour intensive and polluting industries operating in Goa shall be gradually phased out. Salaries of the industrial workers shall be brought at par with metro cities.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [XX] [1] INDUSTRIES: [pg: ]
Non-Goan individuals or Companies /Business houses shall require at least one Goan Partner for setting up shop in Goa.

The Party is firm on the issue of Goa’s Official Language which is . ‘KONKANI’ in Romi and Devanagri scripts, only. Reference to Marathi in the Official Language Act, 1987 shall be removed through a suitable amendment to correct the anomaly of the Marathi Language being used for official purposes. The Party gives due respect to the Marathi Language and considers it as one of the accomplished languages of the world, apart from being the official language of the State of Maharashtra. But Marathi cannot be considered as Official Language of Goa. When the people of Goa deem it fit that this Party should form Goa’s Government , all Government Ministers shall compulsorily take the ‘OATH OF OFFICE’ in Goa’s Mother Tongue, KONKANI, collectively.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [II] [1] GENERAL POLICIES.
This Party believes that the medium of instructions in Government run Primary Shools must be the mother tongue of the child so that there is no difficulty in the child understanding what is being taught. This Party also believes that Konkani is the mother tongue of all, repeat, all Goans. Therefore, KONKANI in Romi & Devanagri scripts shall be the medium of instruction in Government run primary schools. Goa’s primary schools shall see phenomenal improvements in how they are housed and how knowledge is imparted to Goa’s children. This Party shall make Goa’s Government Primary Schools the pride of Goa. English Language shall be taught as a ‘MASTER SUBJECT’ in the Government Primary Schools so that children who do not know a word of English when they join the Primary School will be sufficiently conversant with the English Language to effect the transition from Primary to Secondary level where the medium of instruction is the English Language. Goa Government grants shall be given to those private Primary Schools which are run on the lines of the Government Primary Schools.
[ See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [IX] [2] EDUCATION: [pg: ]

The Party shall make Goa the ‘EDUCATION HUB’ with improved quality of education imparted at all levels including the Primary level. Goa University syllabi shall be upgraded so that its degrees shall be recognized and accepted the world over. Student exchange programmes shall be encouraged.

The Party shall introduce an efficient and upgraded Public Transport System to service Goa’s land routes between 5 a.m. up to 2 a.m. on regular/scattered basis and riverine routes during the day, as according to Goa’s needs leading to the reduction in the population of ‘two’ and ‘four’ wheelers on Goan roads which is the direct result of crippled public transport system of Goa. ‘Public Transport Department’ in the State shall be either ‘taken-over’ by the Government or entirely ‘privatized’, for managerial excellence.
[See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [VII] PUBLIC TRANSPORT & R.T.O: [pg: ]
The Party shall promote ‘high-end’ Tourism to ease pressures on indigenous population. This Party believes that the increased projection of tourists to visit Goa in the future will create administrative blockages with nary a thought given to improved State’s essential infrastructures such as garbage clearance and its treatment, sanitization of markets, public transport, Law and order, etc. The POLICY on beach shacks and temporary (wooden) cottages on government-private coastal land/s shall be reviewed, modified and/or scrapped altogether if these impinge on the natural ambience of Goa’s beaches. Shall promote touristic circuits such as ‘fortress-circuit’, ‘heritage architecture circuit’, ‘waterfalls circuit’, etc. with trained guides proficient in languages of the world. The ‘Tourist Taxi’ impasse which presently is the cause of spreading discontent among tourists and taxi operators shall be decisively and amicably sorted out , once and for all, to bring lasting peace to this most important sector with both, the end-users as well as the taxi operators getting relief.
[See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [XVII]TOURISM-NORMS-PROJECTS & DEVELOPMENT[pg: ]
The Party shall introduce ‘time-frame’ based Administrative System at all levels including the Municipalities and Panchayats, so that people get their work done without having to run from pillar to post. The general public shall be freed from asking favours from their elected representatives to get their authentic work done at local administrative levels.

The Party shall keep a tight control on the issuance of above Certificates. Mamlatdars, Talathis and Sarpanches shall be taken to task or even suspended if found indulging in corrupt practices of issuing the above to those who are not eligible.

The Party shall petition NGT [National Green Tribunal] to set up its Bench in Panjim, to facilitate and encourage complaints against increasing number of violations of the CRZ regulations in the vast coastal and riverine belts of Goa. Travelling to Pune and Delhi makes litigants reluctant and therefore violators are emboldened.

The Party shall introduce a system of time-bound ‘REGIONAL PLANNING’ based on accurate statistical parameters of growth to cater to set periods [10 years], where the notified Regional Plan shall prevail over all other ad-hoc sundry planning, not allowing for alterations, additions and adjustments in the notified ‘RP’, unless these are related to disaster management planning necessities cropping up at will. This Party shall restrict constructions in Villages classified under ’VP2’ and ‘VP3’ to ‘ground plus one’ only, and ban multi-unit residential/commercial complexes in these villages to maintain the ambience of Goa’s villages.

The Party shall implement TDR [Transfer of Developmental Rights] system for properties coming under ‘NO DEVELOPMENT ZONES’, where available F.A.R. may be sold commercially, where it can be absorbed, to facilitate environmental safeguards, to promote ecological balance, and to eliminate encroachments and illegalities in these zones. This system will protect, preserve and promote heritage structures which are increasingly coming under the pressures of speculative real estate market. This Party’s Government shall take possession of abandoned ‘Goan’ houses [which are deteriorating and collapsing due to the owners either having settled abroad or are in litigation, etc], give them the face-lift and put them into the tourism circuit where the owners will benefit monetarily until they are ready to take over the possession by offsetting the costs.

The Party shall stop the requirement of 'Resident/Domicile Certificates’ for bonafide ‘Goans’.The definition of a Goan shall be: ‘ that person who is born to either one or both Goan parent/s, whether conversant or not conversant in KONKANI. A Goan shall be eligible for Government jobs and/or seats in Educational/Professional Institutions as a matter of first preference, on the basis of ‘GOANS FIRST’, but strictly on merit lists basis. The merit lists shall be honoured at all times. Non-Goan/s shall be employed in Government jobs on contract basis should there be no merited Goan/s available to take up these jobs. Such contract duration shall be notified in the Government Gazette from time to time. This, to ensure that these jobs are kept for eligible Goans in the future.

The Party shall take steps to completely sanitize Goa’s electoral rolls to reflect authentic/genuine Goan voters and those non-Goans who have been living and working in Goa, owning property/s in Goa for more than 15 years and have who imbibed the Goan way of life.

The Party shall take steps to ban change of names to Goan ‘family names’ by non-Goan males married to Goans or otherwise, as well as by ‘single’ non-Goan females, to stop the dilution of the ‘Goan’ Identity.

The Party shall welcome Enforcement Directorate [ED] in the State and offer it a ‘blanket permission’ to investigate government officials including present and past government ministers and MLAs and other elected people’s respresentatives for holding disproportionate assets. This Party’s government shall shelter no one.

The Party shall work with the Central Government to introduce dual citizenship to Goans who prefer to hold Indian as well as Portuguese Passports. This Party believes that it is the birth right of Goans to hold dual Portuguese-Indian passports under the circumstances that Goa was annexed to the Indian Union without the U.N. mandated plebiscite.

The Party shall escalate the fight against DRUGS & Prostitution to seek total elimination of these social evils, especially, DRUGS in Goa. In this regard, the State’s police force shall be invigorated and rewarded appropriately for bringing the kingpins of these trades to book.

The Party shall clear Goa’s Mandovi river of all floating casinos anchored therein. Shall strictly implement the Off-Shore policy of placement of casino vessels in letter and spirit of the international/national regulations governing such jurisdiction, taking into consideration the preferences and/or the opposition of the people of Goa to floating casinos.

This Party is not in favour of the proposed third Mandovi brigde. It looks like those who are planning for Goa are not planning but hallucinating. The need of the hour is the second bridge over the Zuari river, instead, specially when the existing Zuari bridge is ready to call it a day any time. And when it does, it will be the doom of Goa. This Party has seen the need for ‘Dona Paula –Vasco’ as well as ‘Dona Paula – Nerul’ suspension bridges for the future to reduce the travelling time to and from Dabolim Airport/ Mormugao Harbour as well as to divert the entire north Goa coastal traffic to decongest the two Mandovi bridges. The Party also intends to bring in new generation roll-on roll-off ferries where four wheelers will not need to reverse to exit.
[See ‘Road Map for Goa’ – Chapter [III] [6 (e)] GENERAL ADMINISTRATION [pg. 44]

This Party is against the continuance of IFFI [International Film Festival of India] in Goa on permanent basis as Goa does not have ‘film culture’ like other metropolises of India]. Instead the tax-payer’s money which is spent on this useless fun and frolic to entertain outsiders can be used to offset the debt burden on the state which is growing in leaps and bounds rather than to promote the artificial décor of Goa.


The Party re-iterates its commitment/s as given in its Lok Sabha 2014 Election Manifesto as under:


Goa Su-Raj Party – GSRP , at the time of its inception in the Year 2000, formulated a 'mission' and 'vision' document titled 'Road Map for Goa' which was released to the public on 20 August, 2005
GSRP manifesto for the Lok Sabha 2014 is a reflection of its drafted road-map with adaptations to issues of today's Goa and India.

As parliamentarians we are protectors and advocates of the rights and welfare of the people of Goa. Our manifesto is divided into different sections that highlights our focus on the core issues.

Land, Resources & Identity

1. Granting Goa 'Special Status' under
Article 371 of the Constitution of India. Permanent ban on selling of land in state to Non-Goans to be implemented at state-level. Goa’s unique culture and traditions preserved and protected.

2. Reworking of Gadgil Committee formula for Goa. 50 per cent accrual of Central Taxes from the state must be allocated back to Goa towards development of infrastructure and social-welfare initiatives.

3. The plans to develop a new green-field airport at Mopa, North Goa must be withdrawn and scrapped.

4. Existing airport at Dabolim must be reclaimed from the Indian Navy in totality in order to cater to growing demands of Goa's tourism and aviation growth. Indian Navy must be relocated to Seabird at Karwar or to Belgaum.

5. Mining is an economic activity. If it is to continue, it should be in a defined sustainable manner with revenue benefits accrued to the state and to its people. Mining should be a financial activity controlled by the state with the people of Goa (especially in mining villages) as partners in the state-controlled entity. Mined ore would be auctioned to the highest bidder and revenue-generated from this distributed to the people.
6. Setting up Goa's own Cadre to run the State Administrative Services.

7. Electoral Rolls to be sanitized to remove names of non-Goans registered in Goa’s electoral rolls. To introduce names of Goans residing in India and abroad so that they participate in the election process through postal ballots.

8. Prosecution and ban of mining companies involved in illegal mining from doing mining business in Goa. Termination of services of government officials and banning politicians contesting election as well as their prosecution under State and Central laws for those involved in Rs 35,000 illegal mining scam.

Economy & Social Welfare

1. Setting-up of Goa NRI Investor Fund, to encourage NRI Goans to invest in different sectors of tourism industry, education, health-care, agriculture, information technology and industrial applications/innovations. To ensure that all central government departments, offices like CISF, PWD, Electricity, and organizations including Konkan Railway, Airport, shall employ nothing less than 80 per cent Goans after adequately trained, if necessary.

2. Setting up of integrated online platform along with the Centre & State tourism departments to promote & market Old Goans houses as tourism accommodation.

3. Setting Goa Infrastructure & Social Welfare Development Fund from the recovery of Rs 35,000 crore illegal mining scam. The fund would be utilized to develop roads & public infrastructure, education and setting up of health-care centres.

4. Setting up of “Goa Women Entrepreneur Fund” to encourage women to take-up entrepreneurial initiatives in fields of tourism, education, health-care, agriculture and IT.

5. Through the involvement of Goa State Pollution Control Board, setting up of 'No to Garbage' initiative across Goa from Panchayat & Municipal levels, 'No to Garbage' to include private-sector participation (local, national or international). A programme to educate, segregate, collection, citizens pay, reuse & re-cycle, composting, revenue generation. Setting-up public monitoring mechanism to fine litterbugs at all levels. Setting up of garbage bins across the state with efficient collection mechanism.

Women & Children

1. Women to be given skills education along with education on male sexuality and how to avoid misadventures with males.

2. To redefine 'rarest of the rare' in context to rape cases and its related punishment. Rape is rape. It cannot be defined in the measurement of the act of the crime. To oppose Death Sentence as Capital punishment in the understanding that ‘man cannot take away what God has given’ . To oppose ‘parole’ as a deterrent.
3. To set-up a 'Goa Education Fund' to provide facilities for students to pursue further education post 12th grade in streams related to Goa's economic growth. Fund to provide for education in India and foreign countries.

4. To set up a fund to provide old aged homes, houses for the poor/marginalized and care for the unaided children.
Third Gender & LGBT

1. The Election Commission recognizes ‘Other’ genders besides male and female. All such ‘Other Gender” be recognized in official records.

2. Electoral cards be issued to all transgendered persons as ‘O’ category on demand only (Many transgender do not wish to be identified as such and hence the ‘on demand only’.)

3. All transgendered persons be given access to health facilities when needed by sensitive health services (get LGBT community-based organizations to sensitize them). Close monitoring for their treatment.

4. Reservation in schools for TG children and end to their harassment. Monitoring of their condition by special officer (to monitor the condition of women and sexual minorities).

5. Reservation of housing for them (one per cent of houses built must be reserved for TG). Government Integrated and Counseling Centers (ICTCs) run by the Govt. Hospitals must have sensitive doctors and counselors for TG/Hijras.

6. The Government will facilitate and enact an amendment to Section 377 of the IPC in Goan territory to de-criminalize all same-sex relations and non-reproductive heterosexual sexual practices between any two consenting adults in private.

7. Setting up of subsidies 'Goa Third Gender Fund' to facilitate entrepreneurial activities so as to restrict begging and prostitution activities of the third-gender.

8. Merit based ‘reservation of jobs’ for the 'Third-Gender' in government departments.

9. Setting up of Goa Third Gender Fund to encourage individuals from the third-gender to take-up entrepreneurial initiatives in social sectors.


1. Mining banned within 10kms buffer-zone around forests and wildlife sanctuaries.

2. Ban on river sand and silt mining and prosecution of those involved in such illegal mining. To find a safe alternative to sand as building component in order to preserve and protect Goa’s marine species like shell-fish etc.

3. Environmental Impact Assessment before re-commencement of mining.

4. No real estate and tourism projects to be sanctioned on farmlands and orchard lands.

5. Re-utilizing existing mining pits as safe landfills so that the re-plantation of vegetation process commences.

The Party endorses the general views of Goans that if at all Goa is in the present state of decay, it is because of the non visionary, mergerist government that Goa voted for in 1963 which continued for 17 years and up to 1980, the damage done to the very fabric of Goa by this government having been continued by national parties, in their turn, contributing to the decay in all aspects of governance that we see today. This Party wishes to change this once and for all through its written down System of Governance , and its procedures as explained in its ‘ROAD MAP FOR GOA [available at www.goasu-raj.org] and the special, non-amendable provisions of its Constitution.

The Party makes it clear that it is in the business of POLITICS to give GOA and GOANS the ultimate in GOVERNANCE, without fear or favour, based on its above mentioned written down assurances and commitments to the people of GOA. The Party’s founding principles that the party shall be financed by the ‘people’, has stood the test for the past 14 years of its existence and shall remain intact , un-flinched and up-right as long as this Party exists. This goes well with the Party’s ideology that. ‘ if people want good-effective governance without bias, fear or favour, they need to participate in this venture, as also keep a watchful eye on the performance of the Party for possible U-Turns.

A special note to those who will consider donating to this Party’s 2017 elections:

“Any donation made to a political party through cheque, DD or Bank transfer attracts 100% TAX EXEMPTION under Section 80GGB [for companies & businesses], and, Section 80GGC [for salaried individuals] of the Income Tax Act [introduced in the Union budget 2009/10] “

The Party is seized of the problems in the State arising from the lack of appropriate legislations which are necessary to administer the State effectively, and promises to put in place a slew of legislations that ought to have been enacted to bring the governing order in the State by the successive governments, the lack of which has promoted a permissive, and, if we may say so, an irresponsible society. This Party, when elected, will see to it that the State of Goa enjoys effective and responsible LEGISLATIVE PRUDENCE which may be anticipated after a read through of the Party’s documented procedures in the said ‘ROAD MAP FOR GOA’ , prepared from a life-time of experiences.

This call goes to all those GOANS who are contemplating to serve GOA. All lines are OPEN. Call us to be a part of this UNIQUE SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE. All that needs to be done is to come into the Party as the ‘VILLAGE REPRESENTATIVE’ of your respective ‘Village’, and, this Party promises that ‘YOU SHALL BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN GOA’.

The ‘banquet’ is set, so to say, The ‘FOOD’ is ready to be served. Only waiting for YOU to take your august seat. So lift-up that telephone, and make that call. The ‘Time is NOW’. Time for waiting to bring Goa around has long since passed.

HELLO ! Mandrem Pernem Bicholim Tivim Mapusa Siolim Saligao Calangute Porvorim Aldona Panjim Taleigao St. Cruz St Andre Cumbarjua Maem Sanquelim Poriem Valpoi Priol Ponda Sirado Marcaim Mormugao Vasco da Gama Dabolim Cortalim Fatorda Margao Benaulim Navelim Cuncolim Velim Quepem Churchorem Sanvordem Sanguem Canacona.!.
Yes, this is GSRP. Thank you for calling

Sd/- Sd/- Sd/-
Dr. N.S. Dumo Floriano Lobo Savio Rodrigues
President General Secretary Secretary& President [Youth Affairs].
0832 2462269 9890470896 9764447373

[Note: Released on 28th. November, 2014 at Instituto Nossa Senhora De Piedade, Panjim, Goa]