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Floriano's Sunday Ramblings-15 [ Towards Celebrating India's 59th. Independence Day]

We have seen high profile self projections before. We have seen umpteen eager beavers trying to project themselves as future Montris or MLAs by getting into ghadis (Indian collar suits) and actually photographing themselves with telephones stuck to their ears for dear life, perhaps calling on God Almighty Himself on the hot line to deliver their backsides on those much desired seats of POWER. And we have seen the newspaper-wallas running to their banks laughing on birthdays of such eager beavers, who extort birthday greetings from their victim supporter whose scrawny necks they hold tight in their fists. But never have we seen full page advertisements in our papers with these lalloos basking themselves in their own glory over their own achievements of having done a few favours to their constituents such as hot-mixing their roads, giving them water taps etc. And these petty achievements must keep the end users perpetually ready to stand in line to vote for them come next election.

Recently we have seen the ex-student leader turned Youth Congress Chief turned MLA turned Montri, “Mauvin Godinho” basking in the proximity of Sonia Gandhi on a full page advertisement, reminding the Goan people of his umpteen achievements, which achievements, by the way, he has been collecting for a long time from the wayside, totally forgotten and soiled, cleaning, brushing, washing (except the photograph with Sonia Gandhi which must be the prized holding of life’s achievement) them to present them in the full page ads, in the hope that the people of Cortalim would remember him. Those full page ads of Mauvin will have moved no one except Martha Saldanha of Cansaulim, who, having been faithful to the Congress Party and who is also probably gunning for the next ticket, must have made her run to the corner to cry tears of frustration, to pull her hair in anguish. Besides, she is not getting younger anymore.

In another such full page ad, Dayanand Narvekar has flamboyantly reminded the people that he is ready to give his life, if need be, for the sake of his voters. Indeed, he is right in saying that. All these years, hasn’t he been doing just that?, I mean, extending himself to the limit to collect money so that he could pay his voters handsomely, come election time; pay them with currency notes in bagfuls, pay them with mobile phones et al. If that is not considered a sacrifice, then I will never know what is. But of late, he has been threatened enough to go all out to declare to the people (thro’ full page ads) that he is ready to even die trying to improve on his performance to gift-wrap things for the people of Aldona Constituency. And of course, Aldonkars and Olaulimkars and Pomburpekars and Bittonkars, Porvorkars, Betimkars et al must build-up their appetites for the goodies of a lifetime, for, Narvekar is now ready with a replenished Alibaba’s treasure-room with all the succinct land deals he has been very busy in concluding, such as the IT-Park in Socorro, IT-Habitats in Dona Paula etc; extorting ‘Sub-registrars’ and probably government ‘Doctors’too, wanting plum postings. Because, this will be the last time he will be giving his people the handsomest of presents before getting out (or should I say, be thrown out?) of the race; never to return back; actually to quietly die in some corner, isolated and forgotten. His only consolation will be that he has warned the people through full page ads of this, his ultimate sacrifice for the people, whom he has taken for a jolly good ride for far too long.

And for me, celebrating the 59th. Day of Independence of our country was mixed with more of massive enthusiasm and a bit of an irritant. But first, the enthusiasm which turned out to be a total satisfaction. Some time back, my Party had announced that it will embark of a campaign trail for the next assembly elections starting from 15th. August, 2006, to last until the campaigning stops 2 days before the elections in 2007 or whenever it is declared. The satisfaction is, my Party did make this ‘start’ happen. As announced that 15th. August, 2006 would see our campaign start from Pednem in the extreme North to end in Poinguinim in the extreme South, our campaigned started from Patradevi in Pednem and ended at Gagibaga in Poinguinim. Patradevi saw our campaign van, a mini truck (TATA Ace) all decked-out with a 7 x 4 foot back-drop planted in the center of the carriage, displaying the Party’s Road Map on the one side and two vital slogans in English as well as in Devanagiri Konkani on the other side. The slogans being in “NO SECOND TERM FOR MLAs” and ‘NO OUTSIDE HIGH COMMAND FOR GOA’. The picture (side by side in English and Devanagiri) shows the 4-lane Highway with gantry signboard showing directions for ‘ DELHI HIGH COMMAND’ (Cong) - ‘NAGPUR HIGH COMMAND’(BJP) – ‘BARAMATI HIGH COMMAND’(NCP) and ‘GOA COMMAND’. Whereas the arrowheads directing traffic to the various High Commands are either showing ‘left’ or ‘right’, the arrowhead giving directions towards Goa Command is straight. The No parking sign at the base of the gantry says “NO 2ND. TERM FOR MLAs.” (NAKA TUM AMDAR DUSRE FAUT). The Goa Command lane is seen jam packed with traffic with a trickle on the other lanes. At the bottom, the legend reads as follows: “”All ills of DEMOCRACY can be cured by more EFFECTIVE Democracy”” . Easy to mount/dismount two rectangular-shaped loud hailers (Ahuja SUH-25 XTs) are fitted elegantly at each end on the cab-head in such a way that these can be rotated in any desired direction. A woofer speaker and an amplifier is fitted in the cab. Front and back of the van displaying “GOA SU-RAJ PARTY – The only Alternative”. The campaign van was parked prominently next to the podium is full view of the guests at Patra Devi’s ‘Monument for the Martyrs.’ The function was attended (11.30 a.m.) by self, Dr. Dumo (president) and other 2 executive members of GSRP.. Chief Minister, Pratapsing Rane was the chief guest. Just before the function ended, the campaign van left for Poinguinim where a cluster of gathered people were entertained with two sets of campaign dialogues, ( as was done throughout the route) specially studio recorded for the campaign. A lot many caps printed with the slogan ‘No 2nd. Terms for Mlas and T-Shirts with printed ‘Political Highways’ at the back were distributed free of cost to people along the entire route from Patra Devi to Poinguinim. On our return and before reaching the base at 10 p.m., a short meeting of the minds was held at Margao between GSRP’s team and the team from the newly formed “Goans First” to exchange views and ideas for a joint venture to save Goa from self-centered Goan politicians in the coming next assembly elections.

Now for the minor irritant. We have always known that Pratapsing Rane is a die-hard mergerist who loves Marathi and Maharashtra more than Konkani and Goa. While the speakers which included freedom fighters Shri. Vasant Mollio and Shri. Chandrakant Kenkre, both presidents of two rival factions of Goa’s freedom fighters, spoke in chaste Konkani, the Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Pratapsing Raoji Rane preferred to deliver his Independent Day speech to the entirely Goan audience at Patra Devi in chaste Marathi. This is when, one minute after the CM embarked on his speech, saw me, Dr. Dumo and the rest of the GSRP team (sitting in the 5th row) leave the scene, showing our backs to Rane on our way out, mingled with mutters of ‘You are Goa’s CM. Speak to us Konkani for God’s sake”. Rane couldn’t have spoken for long, for his official car passed our van within 500 meters from the venue, barely a few minutes after we left the scene in protest.


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