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Floriano's Sunday Ramblings-13 Of Terrorism; Terror & Freedom Fight

And it has been a week long exposure by NDTV in its programme "Uniting for Justice" where the three gruesome and cold-blooded murders of Jessica Lal; Priyadharshini Matoo & Nitish Katara are sought to be compromised, even to the extent of the Honourable Justices, who are trying these cases acknowledging that the accused are indeed the criminals but openly throwing their hands in the air saying that their hands are tied so that they cannot hang the culprits due to the improper and incompetent police investigations to shelter their own involvements. That these criminals are sought to be hanged by public trials via television programmes is a kick in the 'nuts' of our 'justice system' and the ever incompetent investigating agencies and the police.

Comes to mind the swift justice that Goa has witnessed during the Portuguese rule in Goa, and I, having grown up to see the old (dictatorial) justice and the new (democratic) justice, I would vote for the old justice anytime with my eyes closed.

As an example between the justice which is being meted out to the above 3 murders, to the extent that the whole world is made privy to our system of ineffective justice through the television exposure, I will cite a case of a willful murder which took place in Goa during the last remaining few years of the Portuguese regime in Goa and its successful closure, which according to many apostles of pro-democratic justice system will be considered as the justice of the barbarians.

It seems that one timber merchant cum timber contractor was operating his very successful timber business in Goa supplying timber to various outlets, timber such as teak wood, which was freely available in forested areas of Valpoi etc. This contractor is believed to have been operating in a dubious manner, where, he would get the forest department's mandatory clearance to cut say 50 teak trees, but would actually cut 100 or more. And this was not without the connivance of the officials of the forest department who were kept happy by this contractor with ample gifts during Ganesh, Divali and Christmas festivals. It is believed that one such upright lower official of the forest department had the courage to send back such a gift from this contractor, not because he wanted a better and a more expensive one, but merely because he disliked to be bribed and taken for granted. Due recognition was registered by the contractor in this particular case which was considered as an insult. Things started to get out of hand gradually as the contractor was denuding the government forests of its teak trees to the extent that an anonymous letter reached the desk of the brand new and very young Director of forests by the name of Maciel Chaves, first out of college from Lisbon, having been deputed to take charge in Goa, ratting on the deeds of the timber contractor who hailed from Marcel-Goa. The director was duly warned that the personnel of his department could not be trusted and could be on the payroll of the contractor. It is believed that young Chaves started making clandestine inspection trips to the scenes of the crime , talking to people etc. This, having alarmed the contractor, he made contact with the Azad Gomantak Dal, which was then making regular incursions into Goa as satyagraha strikes, to have this young Director assassinated. A 'supari', as it is known in ordinary parlance. The unfortunate thing actually happened. The young Director was shot dead during one of AGD's incursions into Goa. I am told that a tearful funeral service of this young Director was conducted at the chapel of the old GMC complex at Campal, which complex is now renovated for the IFFI-04. Perhaps the body was taken to Portugal for burial.

With Casimiro Monteiro in charge (Agente Monteiro as he was called), the investigations into this murder was conducted on a war footing, given the efficiency of the Portuguese Police. It seems that the timber contractor from Marcel was duly picked up in the middle of the night and taken in. The intensive interrogation is believed to have lasted for almost a month when the accused died in custody. Same night, it is believed that Casimiro Monteiro and two of his guards carried a bundle, hardly considered as a human body, tied up in a bedsheet, to the contractor's home in the dead of the night. The home people having been woken, were ordered to conduct the funeral rites of the remains there and then without allowing the sheet to be unwrapped . Agente Monteiro is said to have left only when the body was totally consumed by flames.

To us, in our make believe democracy, where our shoes get worn-out by making trips to the court rooms, this type of swift and horrifying justice makes our legs weak. But then, one could sleep without fear, keeping the doors and windows of the houses open precisely for this very reason of swift justice during the Portuguese rule. And, by the way, the identity of this criminal contractor, who thought he would be able to pillage Goa's forests by having the thorn in Maciel Chaves removed, the blame of which automatically and satisfactorily dumped on the satyagraha movement, must be known to a few in Goa who are still alive . I shall refrain from divulging this name for the moment in order to save the faces of the family members, perhaps the contractors' off-springs, who may or may not be immersed in the current Goa's politics of sin.

And yesterday (Sunday) I happened to attend the memorial meet organized to remember the good Goa's freedom fighter Dr. Jose Francisco Martins of Paitona- Salvador Do Mundo, who passed away two years ago, a totally dejected and demoralized man, who even went to the extent of telling me, when I visited him barely six months before his sad demise, that he had very wrongly fought the Portuguese and helped to liberate Goa. That if it was in his power, he would work to bring the Portuguese back. This he had told me with tears in his eyes. And this was because he had suffered the worst humiliation at his age from the GOA POLICE when he was dragged to the police station in his home shorts by a jackass of a police officer named Subash Goltekar, then manning the Porvorim police station and now having been promoted to the rank of the Deputy Superintendent of Police. The memorial meet also doubled up as a seminar on 'Terrorism' where many eloquent speakers including Superintendent of Police (Intelligence) Mr. Bosco George shed light on the root cause of terrorism in the world today. While Mr. Bosco George unfolded the spectrum of terrorism in India and the world at large by putting the finger on the 'delayed and denied justice' as the root cause, other speakers stressed on the point that terrorism is at the threshold of the Goan society as we have seen it manifest itself in the recent Savordem-Curchorem riots, that it would engulf us if we did not pay enough attention and soon. Only Dr. Nandkumar Kamat made a passing reference to Dr. Martin's humiliation by the Goa police.

The irony of it all was that the compare for the meeting was none other than Mr. Naguesh Karmali who led the RRS goons for the forceful destruction of the Fontainhas road-name and house plaques during the brief RSS-BJP rule. And the derision Mr. Karmali had suffered earlier at the T.B. Cunha hall at my tongue, had made him half nervous, for, the very topic of the seminar was giving me a second chance to finish at the Menezes Braganza hall what I had started at the T.B. Cunha hall. But then, when I walked off the venue without shooting off from my chair to point my accusing finger at him for having been the promoter of terrorism in Fontainhas, it must have given him a chance to emit a sigh of relief and reach home without tripping over himself. But then I am not a person to go to sleep with something like this churning my mind, especially after listening to the holier than thou attitude from Naguesh Karmali, who, in his brief talk, had the temerity to speak of the United States as the sponsor of terrorism. Adv. Uday Bhembre, being the chief guest speaker, and who had rightly put the blame on the RSS-BJP for sponsoring terrorism in India through the blatant demolition of the Babri Masjid, was given time to reach home in Margao, before I called him on the phone to ask him a very simple question, which question, I told him, I wanted to ask him when he had finished his delivery, but had decided against it for the explicit reason of not disrupting the orderly function, giving chance to others waiting to jump on the bandwagon. "Uday bab" I said. "Would you consider Naguesh Karmali's blatant act with respect to the Fontainhas' episode, an act of terrorism?" He thought for a while and replied "No Florian bab". "I consider it as an illegal act, which should have been punished but unfortunately was not" I signed off by telling Uday bab that I totally disagreed with his point of view.

And talking about Dr. Jose Martins being dejected and demoralized with his role as a freedom fighter, in his last days, he is not the first one, nor will he be the last. After seeing the fruit of his fight to liberate Goa for almost ten long years, a late freedom fighter, whose identity I shall not disclose, is said to have uttered this words in confidence to his dear friend, who is presently alive and kicking.


CHEERS to the Liberation of Goa.

CHEERS to the laudable Freedom Fighters like bab Naguesh Karmali, bab Flavian Dias and others, who waited for 45 years to unleash their hate of the Portuguese on the streets of Fontainhas, Pangim and of the Portuguese inquisition in Goa on the innocent school children of Goa through the VCD titled "The Freedom Struggle of Goa".

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