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Sunday Ramblings-12 The rise, rise & slump of the Maharashtra Gomantak Party - New regionalism, a must for Goa’s safe-keeping.

Any one would think that Bhau (Dayanand Bandodkar) was the originator of the MGP. But then, there are certain things about the formation of the MGP that the people of Goa should know. I have, in my previous writings, shed some light on things that made Bhau tick, especially when Bhau has been idolized into immortality, which is, perhaps, rightly so, because of his good hearted deeds.

And I shall repeat my often repeated words that Bhau was not a corrupt person per se. That he only had a corrupt mind. It is not often that a person, genuinely good at heart, possesses a corrupt mind. However, it could be corrupted through a very strong outside influence. And that is what exactly happened with Bhau as far as we know. The average Goan must know how his mind was infiltrated by schemers and communal pariahs. Therefore this very good reason for digging into our achieves for the truth. And, needless to say that what I say here is open to challenges from any quarters, in the similar manner, I had made it very clear at the T.B. Cunha Hall, some time ago, when I had made a public statement to the effect that: ‘MGP ‘WAS’; ‘IS’; and ‘WILL BE’ Communal. And there was no challenge to this statement even from the ex MP of the MGP who was present at that time. On the contrary the same ex-MP had confirmed my statement with newer revelations of the communal deeds attributed to Bhau. But then, once a person is the leader, and in the forefront of governance, the heat is on his head, even if the scheming and plotting is done by the schemers and plotters advising and guiding his actions.

And the psychology of the affluent, rich, well to do, is to remain outside the sphere of POLITICS, entirely. The sane advice from this class of people to the lesser mortals who might want to venture into fool’s paradise would invariably be: “ Politics is not for you. Leave it to the politicians” And thus, it is proved, by its very definition that ‘politics’ is the last recourse of a crook. (a crook’ish mind?). No. Do not, for a moment, misunderstand me. Bhau was not a crook that he had to resort to politics. As far as the MGP is concerned, the brain behind its formation was the scheming Janardhan Shinkre, now remembered as Goa’s Freedom Fighter. How this came to pass I shall briefly go into.

Before the liberation of Goa, he is believed to have been publishing anti-Portuguese propaganda. When the Portuguese came to know about it, he was raided. To escape the heat, he had to flee to Belgaum and thereafter establish himself in Bombay, Poona etc.. It is said that he continued publishing his paper ‘Jwala’ from his forced exile. But when he came to Goa after the liberation, he came planned, having been involved with Indian electioneering processes. And since Goa was going into the ‘democratic’ mode in 1963, he wanted to capitalize on his acquired knowledge of political manipulations in furthering his own political ambitions. Therefore, he started looking for someone who would accommodate and finance his political plans. And Bhau seemed to fit in his scheme of things perfectly, for, Bhau had money, Bhau was imprisoned by the Portuguese, and, most of all, Bhau did not have formal education. Hence, for Janardhan, he was the right springing board. But he did not know Bhau personally. Fishing around for a pilot, he found Pundalik Sagoon Naik, a driver in the Health Services (who had shown his daring when he had driven Maharashtra’s Director General of Police, Mr. Nagarwalla, to every nook and corner of Goa in his jeep for his reconnaissance mission under the very nose of the Portuguese police, immediately prior to liberation of Goa) who knew a relation of Bhau. Introduction was made, meeting was held and voila ! ‘Disappointment !’ . Bhau wouldn’t bite the dangled bait. In fact Shinkre is believed to have been turned away with Bhau amply indicating to him that he was least interested in his political plans. But then the wiper had poisoned his mind with lofty ideals and plans towards the safe-keeping of the Banhujan Samaaj, telling him that if something was not done adroitly, the Catholic would take advantage of the first ever democratic election process in Goa and that Goa’s (majority) Hindus would be the losers.

As we very well know that the wiper’s venom takes time to spread and strike, so did Janardhan’s venom in Bhau’s mind, so much so, that after a gap of time, Bhau came knocking on Janardhan’s door (his printing facility know as ‘Pradeep’ at Santa Cruz, Panjim). When Bhau left, Janardhan Shinkre had struck gold. Enter MAHARASHTRAWADI GOMANTAK PARTY, the constitution of which Shinkre had already prepared. Even at that time, Bhau was not keen on his role in the newly formed MGP but he was agreeable to go along with the plan. Therefore his approach to Dr. Pundalik Gantonde with a request that he should lead the Party, who is known to have point-blank refused the offer (he being a staunch Congressman). It was just as well for Janardhan Shinkre and M.S. Prabhu that Bhau agreed to take on the mantle. Besides the point is the fact that Bhau is understood to have clandestinely worked for two-Leaves during the fag end of the Opinion Poll campaign, realizing that the merger into Maharashtra would see himself out of the CM’s Kodel. Power, they say, goes to the head., where ideology, especially if it is someone else’s, goes out of the window.

After Bhau’s demise and the end of his rule from 1963 till 1972, his daughter, Shashikala, took over the reins of the Party and continued to rule Goa for a further period from 1973 till 1979 when Shashikala’s MGP was ousted by the Congress with the ex-MGP chameleon and opportunist Pratapsing Raoji Rane taking the Chief Ministership. And to be fair to Shashikala, the only corruption she had indulged in was to take a paltry commission on every inter-state bus fare, which issue was blown out of proportion by the then MGP’s young and avaricious turk, Dayanand Narvekar, who was himself caught with his refrigerator packed with currency notes. Out of power, out of sight was true for Shashikala and she, being frustrated with the inner bickerings in the MGP, resigned and even went to the extent of seeking to join the Congress party, thanks to Mr. Purshottam Kakodkar, the then president of the Congress party in Goa whose main intention was to finish the MGP completely. This prompted more intense bickerings in the MGP when she opted to dissolve MGP altogether. The fight to retain the ‘Lion’ as MGP’s symbol reached the Election Commission in New Delhi , courtesy, the MGP’s then staunch Lion and heir apparent ‘Ramakant Khalap’, with the EC ruling in his favour. Humiliated, Shashikala then sought to form a parallel party called ‘BABANGO ‘ which is the acronym for BAhusaheb BANdodkar GOmantak Party. This bad blood in the MGP got diluted, ultimately, with intense diplomatic and persuasive moves within, until it saw Shashikala coming back to the fold of the MGP’s Lion. However, the staunch Lion of the MGP and its saviour , Ramakant Khalap, has strayed towards greener pastures and is presently reduced to a totally ineffective and unhappy non-entity status in the Congress camp.

And it is a fact that fictitious and selfish ideologies, no matter how they are powered, wilt away in time and pass into oblivion. We have seen it with ‘Hitler’. We have seen it with the ‘The Communists of USSR’. At home, of late, we have seen it in the cutting to size of the boastful BJP, where the people who thought they had already reached the moon and who were aspiring to reach the sun, got burnt out and reduced to ashes. Presently, they are trying a feeble attempt at making a scene with ‘ A MOLE IN THE PMO’ (Narashima Rao’s time) but did absolutely nothing about it when they were in the hot seat of power. What anti-climax !

We have seen the battering that Indira’s Congress has taken along with Indira herself. Now the Bahu is leading a pack of very hungry wolves. She must know that there is a striking difference between the Italian wolves and their Indian counter parts. Hopefully, these carnivores will, at the least, leave the bones to be buried or cremated when they decide to go for the kill. This sentiment is visible through the “Office of Profit’ row which has spilled into the Raj Bhavan. As stated earlier, nothing is sacred for the carnivore wolves. They seem to be roaring “No profit?- We rip you apart” . The Bahu has already tried to please the wolves when she cut the throats of millions when she spent crores of rupees on her own re-election which was totally unwarranted. A lot more is to follow until the inevitable happens. Hopefully, the bahu has not forgotten her husband Rajiv’s horrific demise.

In Goa’s context , the decimation of the MGP was bound to happen at some point in time as it was formed on the un-holy principle of dividing and ruling Goa’s people on communal basis. As fate would have it, the ineffective communal ‘Lion’ was gradually swallowed by the acutely communal ‘Trishul’ wielding ‘Komal’ of the BJP, which in turn has cut its own feet and is bound to crawl before it too passes into oblivion.

The UGDP traces its roots to a visionary called Monte Xavier Furtado. He burnt bridges to catapult himself into making money out of politics. Unknown to him, there were others who wanted to share the cake. Enter Churchill Alemao on a hijack mission to find dear old Monte heart broken. He did make another feeble attempt to get back into circulation with his second pet project “The Voice of Goa” Unfortunately for him, he confided a little too much with a guy called Floriano Lobo for his own good. This ‘Voice of Goa’, an abomination, died a natural death before it had a fair chance to get registered with the Election Commission. This was too much of a shock for old Monte who passed away of a very broken heart.

The UGDP, in the meanwhile was doing just fine. And just when it was sprouting feathers and people thinking of UGDP as the Opinion Poll time UGP’s reincarnated karma, Churchill Alemao, not being able to weather-out the depression of losing the MP’s election, strayed into the ever accommodating Congress camp which is in fact the railway platform for persons with high-up ambitions to go places. Since then UGDP has slumped having manufactured MLAs for other parties rather than for itself.

In these trying times when Goa is in a mega political mess, Goans will have to sit back and think hard if they want to spend another 45 years in slavery to the national parties. Goans will have to sit back and decide if they will allow these national parties to use Goa as their prized watering hole at the cost of Goa and Goans. Goans will have to sit back and decide if they will allow these national parties to divide them, loot them, polarize them through communal conflicts, so that they can have the field day by putting Goans against Goans to reap the benefits. In the meantime, the Goa Su-Raj Party, which has come up to lead the revolution to free Goa and Goans from the clutches of the communalists and the corrupt, the people who have destroyed our agriculture, our beaches, our water table and our children through inferior education, through subjecting them to addiction like drugs and booze through unemployment etc. will be sitting back to watch with great interest for how long Goans will want to suffer this humiliation at the hands of the masters of the national parties as also at the hands of our very own Goans who are helping the national parties to widen the conflicts for their own narrow vested interests, which interests are to be seen in the form of the protagonist for only Devnagri script for Concani. The Goa Su-Raj Party will be sitting back to watch with great interest if Goans (tiatrists) will want to execute their threat, their ultimatum to the Congress, the BJP, the NCP of dumping them at the next hustings through contesting all 40 seats if they do not recognize Concani in Romi script along with Concani in Devnagri script. The Goa Su-Raj Party will be sitting back to watch if Goans will ever realize that the ruling coalition in Goa is humoring them by shifting the onus to decide about their mother tongue to the High Command in New Delhi, who could care less, rather than putting their heads together to solve their own language problems in Goa by themselves. BECAUSE, the Goa Su-Raj Party has been hollering at the top of its voice for the past six years that Goans must unite to fend for themselves, that the national parties are shoveling dust into their eyes to keep them blinded. DID ANYONE HEAR??? The Goa Su-Raj Party does hope that Goans have not allowed their EARS too to be filled with dust so that they do not HEAR.


Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




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