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Floriano's Sunday Ramblings-18 [ REVOLUTIONS BUILDUP IN PEOPLE'S HEARTS]

I have always believed in REVOLUTIONS. I have read about revolutions that took shape because rulers were so insensitive to the plight of the common people that they chose to tell them to ‘eat cake if there was no bread’. Voila! “The French Revolution”. I have read about revolutions that took shape because people wanted more bread than they already had and landed up having no bread at all. Behold! “The Marxist-Leninist Revolution of the USSR”. Then there have been revolutions a plenty, like in Cuba, Haiti, Timor, etc. where people remained satisfied with what they had, even if it was less than what they should have and refused to sell out for doles.

But then revolutions are branded with bloodshed. We have seen the people of Vietnam fighting a bloody war with the U.S of A. after they fought the French in a prolonged war. We have seen Afghanistan refusing to be tamed in spite of super powers’ intervention. We have seen the people of Iraq still continuing with the revolution that saw the tyrant Sadam Hussein down and out and now wanting the U.S of A which helped with the revolution, out of Iraq.

And we have seen a revolution right at home when Goans actually begged for and borrowed help from outside to see the Portuguese out from Goa. But this was a funny type of a revolution. Actually Goans (mostly Goa’s so called Freedom Fighters) who wanted the Portuguese out, were not revolutionary at all, in that, they just wanted the Portuguese out and instead, wanted to be chained into slavery by their own hypocrite masters, to be spat upon, to be derided, to be hauled to the police stations in their jocks in the middle of the night, to be told what to ask for and what not to, because they went as BEGGARS with BEGGING BOWLS to ask for FREEDOM only so that they could get their PENSIONS and their TAMRAPATRAS. And there was the other breed called ‘the PATRAKARS’ who moulded public opinions in favour of these hypocritical masters who more than helped them to loot and plunder Goa and which is happening even to this day. This breed do not want revolutions. These impinges on their style to make merry by putting dust in the eyes of the people.

Coming back to having said that I believe in REVOLUTIONS, it is because the revolutionary blood is running thick in my veins and does not allow me to soundly sleep over a pillow of injustices. I was too young to have been involved in Goa’s freedom struggle. But if I was old enough, these so called freedom fighters would have had a plateful on their hands instead of begging bowls, these gutless rats that they are and have been. At this juncture, I remember the argument that I had with my late Dad, just so to make known what it is that ticks me. It was about him, my dad, scolding me for wasting my time playing with books. What he was actually saying was “ If I had to take up the job after my SSC, I would have earned in thousands” a perfect parental pre-occupation, since his good friend had told him that he could fix me in the STATE BANK OF INDIA, the erstwhile “BANCO ULTRAMARINO” immediately after my SSC. But, adamant as I was, I chose to go to college, instead, since I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force, having actually witnessed the aerial action on December 18th 1961 and liking it, to see the enemies destroyed from above. And at that time, I had told my dad that he would see me earning in thousands ‘ in good time’. It is immaterial that my plans of becoming a fighter pilot did not succeed, and instead of getting into the cockpit of the fastest flying machine, I eventually landed on the slowest moving thing called the ‘SHIP’ to make my life. No regrets though. Sad that my father never lived to see me join the ship as an officer. He had his doubts too, since he had spent his lifetime on board the ships and had seen officers in his time and in his capacity as a domestic. If he had lived for a few extra years, he would not only see one, but three out of his 4 sons as Merchant Navy Officers. As they say, things do take their own time to happen, just like in revolutions…. They take their own time to materialize out of nowhere, just like the ever devastating hurricanes and cyclones.

Revolutionary thoughts have their pluses and minuses too. Minuses, because they take you off the topic and wandering in the past. Nevertheless, I have preferred to write about ‘revolutions’ today, because one Dr. Jose Colaco from Bahamas prompted me into doing so when he commented on the ‘IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT’ that I have made on the internet, where I have said that GOA is seeing the making of a ‘revolution’ to unseat all the unruly, cheats, as MLAs, new and old, and send them into forced retirement. The fact is, when the going is good, it never rains but pours. Our politicians have had it so good that they have now qualified themselves into giving full page advertisements in the local newspapers highlighting their own achievements, publishing their photographs with one so called ‘Iron Lady’ in distant New Delhi, emboldened, who herself wasted crores of my and your tax money in her re-election as a MP to save for herself and her cronies the lucrative offices of profits. If at all these achievement had to be brought in front of the eyes of the people at large, these advertisements should have been placed by the Parties concerned, congratulating their MLAs for doing all those wonderful things for the people. It is said that ‘Monkeys praise their own tails’ [or perhaps the colour of red at their back-sides???] If this is not selfish bullshit than I shall never know what bullshit ever looks like. We must give credit to these charlatans who feel nothing but disdain for the Parties they represent to promote their own EGOs. What they want us to believe is that: “it is THEM and not the Parties”. “That they could do the same or even more, with or without the Parties”. Therefore, the question is: WHY SHOULD THESE CHARLATANS NOT SEE THE BLADE OF THE GUILLOTINES? Shouldn’t they be voted out of power en-mass? Shouldn’t they be taught a good lesson for once??

With the recent awakening brought about by the Borda Citizen’s Committee, by the ‘Niz Goemche Mogi’ by the challenges extended to the government by one of its kind, the Dy. Collector of Salcete, Mr. Pilarnkar, with the accesses done unto KONKANI, even to the extent of the Chief Minister of GOA preferring to speak in Marathi at the Official Function of Goa marking the 15th August celebrations as the day to Honour our Freedom Fighters who laid their lives in seeking to liberate India/Goa; with people of Cuncolim in arms against the lethargic government, the lethargic Pollution Control Board, the lethargic Minister for Environment for letting a few establishments in the Cuncolim industrial estate to poison and pollute our ground water resources and our land, just to save some other distant states likes Gujarat from being poisoned; Could they be telling the outsiders thus? “You cut my own throat but you see that you fill my pockets??”; Ministers in power converting our salt pans to allow multi-storeyed buildings by putting dust into our sensitive eyes; with the CRZ authorities, which includes our very own Minister for Tourism & Environment playing hide and seek to enlarge his party coffers for the coming assembly elections by closing his eyes to what is happening?, the maiming and destroying of our sensitive coast-line with no building code in place or totally disrespected?; with sympathizers allowed to carry out illegal after illegal constructions to the consternation of the law abiding neighbours and to the detriment of good and orderly living? ; with political parties openly putting citizens against citizens, to destroy their houses and their belongings and even to kill and maim themselves, only for the glorification of their hidden communalistic agendas?; of authorities allowing residential areas to be made into loading and unloading depots for multi-national corporations and to create noise pollution to the extent that the residents rendered helpless and going mad and paralyzed with noise, 24 hours a day?; to the extent that our children go to their early graves through uncontrolled road accidents; our fish depleted; our fields barren, our well-being put in the hands of outsiders to dictate terms to us to survive on vegetables from outside with nothing growing within our own state?; our comunidade lands being sought to be hocked lock-stock and barrel at the feet of multi-nationals?; our people getting murdered, our girls getting raped with our police chiefs enjoying their holiday postings in Goa?; foreigners buying land that our elected government, obligated to protect it with strict laws, closing its eyes and going to sleep until citizens make noise?; and finally the people we put in power want to cut us down by bringing in hordes of migrant laborers, pampering them, giving them the status of Goa’s citizens to vote for them? What is this if not rubbing salt into our injuries?

WHAT MORE DO WE HAVE TO ENDURE OR MUST ENDURE?? Does this not call for a REVOLUTION that will see to it that these gloated, over-paid and pampered throats are cut? If all these insensitive things must be tolerated, then we are not made of flesh and bone. We are not the tax-payers who regularly pay our taxes which is being manipulated to line their own selfish pockets and give us full page advertisements to read about their achievements on which they probably make crores of rupees for themselves, If we are truly GOANS and not some stray dogs and stray cattle to be treated with disdain by the people we elect to look after our welfare, we will want to put a STOP to all this nonsense and tom-foolery..

Dear GOA, IT IS TIME TO STAND UP and be COUNTED. IS ENOUGH NOT ENOUGH?? Do we still have that much of the extra skin that needs to be skinned off our backs?

DO JOIN THE MARGAO RALLY come 2nd. October, 2006, in the remembrance of the father of the nation, ‘Bapuji’ (Mahatma Gandhi), to show to the world that you are not strays but people who have dignity; to show to the world that you will march in the rally just like Bapuji marched to Dandi to collect salt, to defy the British. Stand up – Be Marching – Be counted, for once in your lifetime to echo 'NO' to 2nd. Term for MLAs & 'NO' to outside High Commands in Goa



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