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Sunday Ramblings -11 - Theme - ' RANG DE SU-RAJ PARTY '

And one can rest assured that each week will bring in newer, better and more interesting and/or saddening events to keep persons like me rambling forever.

And the double B’s, the recent ‘Bombay Blasts’, was one such event which kept us all holding our breaths while the telephone network in Mumbai did the jamming act for almost 4 vital and agonizing hours. It was a huge relief when we ultimately heard the sound of the ringing phones at the other end. And the sight of the ripped-off first-class compartments of the Mumbai suburban trains brought to mind the grim pictures of the devastating carnage that those blasts must have caused, knowing that Mumbai’s ‘affluent-business class’ travel first class on regular basis where everyone knows everyone, almost. And I could point my fingers to the culprits who engineered this dastardly act the moment I saw the ripped-off first-class compartments, for I could read ‘REVENGE’ written all over those ripped-off compartments – affluent GUJARATIS being the TARGET. The revenge that MODI’s GODDRA pogrom has built-up, is going to take a long time to abate. In the meanwhile, more innocent people, whether they are Gujaratis or whoever, will yet be sacrificed. And I for one cannot but fix the responsibility on the calculating heads of Lal Krishna ADVANI (above all) and Vajpayee, for being totally and absolutely slack and impotent to cut the umbilical chord that makes MODI thrive. If Advani thinks that by cracking the microphone and exercising his tonsils to the limit will shift the blame for the Mumbai train blasts on the ruling dispensation, he is not trying to fool anyone. He is the Pariah who is yet to be held accountable for Babri Masjid, Godhra, Akshardham, the Parliament shoot-out et al. A long time ago and immediately after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, I had written thus, “ADVANI deserves to be locked up in the darkest of the dark dungeons for the rest of his miserable life so that he can see, in his mind’s eye, the video of his doings, just to get to sit on the throne of India’s Prime Minister.” He did come very close to it, though, but fortunately for India, and for humanity at large, his legs were cut from under him, just in time. I call it ‘THE HAND OF PROVIDENCE’. In context of the Mumbai train blasts, comes to my mind the old adage that “ THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD – DIE BY THE SWORD.” The sword (his tongue) wielding ADVANI must and will be held accountable. And if he thinks that he is going to get away with it, he is bloody well ‘DAY DREAMING’. And it is not surprising at all that the Goa BJP of Manohar Parrikar and Rajendra Arlekar should make a show of handing over a memorandum to the Governor of Goa on the Mumbai serial blasts. In Konkani there is a saying “ Ch***ek tond vodlem” which simply translates to ‘A prostitute sports biggest loud mouth”. Every one knows that the Goa-BJP was behind and actively participated in the Savordem/Curchorem riots. Did it submit a memorandum to the Governor then????

And the recent CAG report nailing Manohar Parrikar, the blue eyed boy of the fast waning into oblivion RSS-BJP in Goa, and, Manohar Parrikar, now the ‘Leader of the Opposition’ calling the CAG report as ‘incorrect’ - ‘doctored’ –‘manipulated’ etc., and trying to justify his saying so by giving vociferous press conferences, is, in a way, generally understood by Goans, whether infected by the BJP virus or not, as the next best thing that happens in Goa, “The Kettle Calling the Pot Black” This will go on until both sides (Congress & BJP) come to a tacit understanding between themselves, behind closed doors, to agree to accept the extent of ‘black’ on each other’s faces as equal (their sins of omission and commission), thereafter giving themselves the satisfaction of using the GAG report for toilet paper and announcing to the whole world that everything is hunky dory. Only the citizen tax-payers will be left holding the already dead and rotting baby of their collective doings in their hands, forcing them to puke during the coming assembly elections. And if this does not happen, I mean, if the puke is not forthcoming, then Goans will have no reason to complain, whatsoever, having bestowed on themselves the title of ‘Guinness World Record’ holders for being slack and hypocritical.

And it is sad to note that good intentioned people do not get to warm the most deserving chairs of office, when there are dogs around with their tongues hanging out. The case in point is SUSAN D’Souza of the Sports Authority of Goa; RICHARD D’Souza, (IFS) who has been shunted out of Goa to graze elsewhere rather than in his own beloved land, only now having being brought in because it gives the bosses who run the government of Goa a fresh opportunity to have him shunted-out once again citing more excuses of his non-cooperation; and the SDM & Dy. Collector of Salcete SURESH PILARNKAR, who is reported to have voluntarily resigned from his post as SDM in utter disgust with the Matka politics, the curse he was actively trying to eradicate within his jurisdiction of the Salcete Taluka. And it is amply clear that the bosses aka montris and the entire political jing-bang, (including the GOA POLICE) do not allow good intentioned persons to work in the interest of Goa and Goans for the obvious reason that if they do, their pockets will not be attaining the status of being ‘full’ before the next round of the assembly elections in early 2007 , that is, if the rubber band that is holding the present government in place fails to stretch anymore and parts with a bang. This is akin to a weather ‘Low pressure’ where no sooner this occurs, the rush from all sides to fill the vacuum created is so great that it creates a typhoon or a cyclone or a Tsunami. Likewise we have persons waiting by the ring-side with their tongues hanging out and dripping just for the opportunity to fill in the gaps created by the above mentioned good intentioned persons, who would do anything and everything just to occupy their chairs or the bosses wanting these tootsies there to do their unquestioned biddings. But then, the good intentioned persons must not lose sight of the promising future which will see these knee-bending –tongue licking tootsies be wasted. How? Well now! . Haven’t we yet taken a comfortable seat in our INOXs, our Zantye theatres, our living rooms in front of our TVs, to watch and be sensitized by Aamir Khan’s ‘RANG DE BASANTI‘ ?????.

Talking about ‘Rang De Basanti’, it took a high profile management ‘Guru’, our very own proud to be a Goan, working in the UAE, who is short vacationing in Goa, to ask me if I had seen the movie, as his very first question, when he, having heard of Goa Su-Raj, voluntarily wanted to share some of his brightest ideas with us in understanding ‘how to make Su-Raj competitive in the market full of political hyenas and go on to waste them. “No” I confessed. To that he said “ Do that tonight” he said “ that is, if you are serious”. Then he went on to disfigure the foolscap paper which was placed in front of him, not even pausing to take a sip of his coffee until he had finished what couldn’t wait to burst out off his chest. I have seen management gurus talk, in my time, but this one was different. He wanted us to succeed for him, the very thing he wanted to do himself and couldn’t. And he started with “you don’t have the power of the 3-Ms”.(Money- Man-Muscle) “And by the look of it” he said “ you are not going to have these” . “So” he said “ just forget about it” Go home tonight with a VCD/DVD of “Rang De Basanti” and you will never need the most sought after 3Ms. Fired to the bone, the first thing I did, after I dropped him off at his house, is to walk straight-in at Sinari’s on the 18th June Road. Sinari’s, because it is located on the 18th June Road and this date was the initiation of the REVOLUTION which ultimately saw the Portuguese go. Goa Su-Raj Party, as its first project after it was formed, installed its website (, heralding to the world of Goans everywhere that “THE REVOLUTION HAS JUST BEGUN” and alerting them ‘NOT TO BE LEFT OUT. ’ And all this was six years ago. But it was not until I had seen ‘Rang De Basanti’ that very night, did I realize that what Ronnie Schrewala and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has produced in the year 2006, we, the sixteen founder members of the Goa Su-Raj Party had directed it six year ago, in the year 2000 as ‘RANG DE SU-RAJ PARTY.

And we have heard of the prowess of the great Goan ‘Abbe Faria’ as the master hypnotist, immortalized forever in the City of Panjim. And we have heard how this great Goan was seized with dumbfounded-ness at the opening sentence of his very first SERMON until his dear old father came to his rescue with “KATTOR’RE BAAJI”, which utterances opened the floodgates from his throat, never to stop until his death. And I have decided that Goa Su-Raj must forge ahead with this very meaningful slogan so that Goans like SUSAN; RICHARD; SURESH PILARNKAR and likewise, many hundreds and thousands of others of whom we do not know, will march ahead chanting ‘ KATTOR’RE BAAJI - RANG DE SU-RAJ PARTY’ to free Goa from the political hyenas that are tearing us apart through allowing MATKA, DRUGS, and all sorts of anti-social activities where over 250 cases of actual murders of our Goan youths have been closed citing suicides and accidental deaths with 100 percent POLICE COVER-UP. The modus operandi is that an unsuspecting unemployed youth is engaged to deliver parcels with liberal cash as enticement. This goes on until the youth realizes what he is actually doing and wants out. The HYENAS say Yes ! why not? But before you go, we will party you as a send off. YES! It is a send off in the COFFIN, on the Funeral Pyre.

Do we GOANS require the FLYING COFFINS (MIGs) as in Rang De Basanti” to activate us, especially our youth, to skin these HYENAS OF GOA and dry their dirty hides on the drying line from PERNEM to POINGUINIM ???


And niz Goemkars have a treat in the offing. Just zero in on Maureen Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 4, Prema Bldg., Rua de Ourem, Panjim, and get hold of ‘GOA’ Through the Mists of History From 10000 BC – 1958 AD- A select compilation on Goa’s Genesis. The author is none other than Luis de Assis Correia of Velim, settled in London. My copy, autographed by the author at the release function, has been fully devoured at one sitting, so to speak. Why? Do I have that much of spare time? Wrong ! I wanted to confirm the words of the publisher at the release function. “This book” he had said “has the capacity to make your hair stand on end – as it did mine”. Fortified with this unparalleled treasure of Goa’s history, it will be easy for us Goans to now march ahead chanting ‘KATTOR’RE BAAJI – RANG DE SU-RAJ PARTY.


Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




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