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Floriano's Sunday Ramblings [Of catching the notorious 22 in the 'Catch-22" Retirement Net]

I have had a long week to stitch and fortify the retirement net for the most notorious of our Goa’s Legislative Assembly’s ‘ never-say-bye’ People’s Representatives. Call it the ‘Catch 22’ problem. Needless to say that I have enjoyed reading what our top three masterminds, naaaah! the ‘do-gooders’ have to say on their prospective retirement [Herald 2 /10- re-produced below]

As an introduction to this retirement topic, the first step that Goa took to subscribe to the forcible retirement of these most notoriously ‘stuck to the chairs’ People’s Representatives was to usher-in the Goa Su-Raj Party. Of course, there is some talk such as: “the guys at Goa Su-Raj now want to polish what is left - there is no such thing as good politicians - they are all the same - the. Confidence Tricksters”. I say to these people that they are very WRONG and, at the same time, very RIGHT to say what they say. ‘WRONG’, because it wasn’t a handful of people aspiring for chanced luck to become MLAs, but GOA itself manifesting her scorn for its ‘growing bigger for their own shoes’ longstanding political leaders and their brand of selfish politics sans an iota of worthwhile governance. And ‘RIGHT’ , because people at large have lost complete faith in our double crossing politicians. For Goa Su-Raj to come about, it was the proverbial ‘last straw’ that broke the camel’s back [Goa’s in this case], when FRANCISCO SARDINHA, the blue-eyed boy of the Congress party, used the Congress’ platform to virtually depart and to arrive back, in the similar manner one uses the railway platforms to depart and arrive. He went out alright. But when he came back to the Congress, he justified his coming back by telling the people publicly [at Poinguinim, during the 2002 Assembly elections] that Manohar Parrikar had no heart. Why? Because Manohar back-stabbed him so badly that he had no other alternative but to creep back on his knees to the Congress fold for bread and water for his survival, knowing very well that he couldn’t ask for ‘butter’ any more. And the Congress, just like the mother hen of all times, took this foul chick back under her all protective wings. What a shame! It seems that the Congress Party that we revered once upon a time has worn itself out allowing people to come and go at will. But the question that I ask Sardinha when he says “Manohar Parrikar has no heart, is this: "When you embraced Manohar Parrikar, how come you did not care to feel for his heart beat?" Surely there couldn’t have been a human heart there, or, one could never call anything beating inside of Manohar Parrikar’s chest as a human heart and which must go ‘dhab – dhab dhab….. All there was, and will always be within the chest of Manohar Parrikar is some RSS-Zombie’s confused mass, conjured by some freak metallurgical feat, that beats to the blows of pick-axes and crow-bars, digging at the dome of the Babri Masjid and clearly ringing ‘dhou- thou dhou’, far from the normal heart beat dhab-dhab-dhab. Only in Sardinha’s case, he was in too much of a hurry to park his behind on the long dreamed-of Chief Minister’s chair than to put his ear to Manohar Parrikar’s chest during his said embrace.

During the IFFI-2004, when another illustrious son of the Congress, Luizinho Faleiro, had come out of his so called ‘Tapashya’ and was re-instated as the Congress Party’s Chief in Goa, I had the opportunity to meet this honourable man, for the second time, face to face, on a personal account, at his Borda home, the first being at the Mapusa Government Complex, when he was the Chief Minister, pedling his ‘Janata Darbar’ at people’s door steps; to sort out some difficult ‘Noise Pollution’ problems I was facing. And our conversation went along this thread after exchanging the normal pleasantries:

Floriano Lobo: Tell me Luizinho, how many years more do you have?

Luiziho Faleiro: I don’t understand. You want to know my age?

FL: Nope! I know how old you are. You must be 3 to 4 years older to me. What I am asking you is ‘how many years do you have left to live’. (Luizinho has celebrated his 57th birthday a few days ago. I was surprised to note that he is 2 years younger to me)

LF: Perplexed. “I don’t understand your drift”

FL: Look. You have been the MLA for donkey’s years. You have been the Minister. You have been the Chief Minister of Goa. You are worth 200 + crores rupees. When you die, will anyone garland your statue like you have garlanded Dayanand Bandodkar’s statue? Dayanand Bandokkar wanted to give away GOA into Maharashtra. Cannot you do something for Goa that Goans will remember you by and want to garland your statue in your memory?

LF: [with misty eyes] What do you want me to do?

FL: For one, now that you have been re-instated as the chief of the Congress Party in Goa, throw all these hyenas out - retire them - send them to dry pastures. You can do it by staying out of the electoral race, yourself. Bring in new faces. But do not bring-in your son or a family member as a proxy. This is a sure way to make people remember you by.

LF: [Luizinho related to me stories to justify why he cannot do it; stories that I do not want to disclose here, ultimately saying] “We need people like you” “ How about joining the Congress?”.

FL: “Sorry mate” I said to him. “All my life I have voted for Congress, or whenever I got the opportunity to vote, having been a sailor boy”. “No Sir. It is much too late. Blame it on your friend Sardinha. Because of his dirty tricks, Goa Su-Raj has been born. And I am its founding President” “If at all anyone can cut the Goa RSS-BJP to size at this very moment, it is the Congress that you lead”. “Lead it to achieve that end so that the RSS-BJP never shows its head up in Goan politics again. I have come all the way to ask you if you will take the challenge to stay out yourself to keep the hyenas out. WILL YOU DO IT?”

Looks like Luizinho Faleiro is doing it all right, with himself in the race, never wanting to say bye. And that race is getting ever so difficult for him with the ex-Benaulim Bull wanting to lock horns with him on his own, lovingly cultivated, turf. However, Luizinho has been doing a wonderful job with the Education Ministry of late, with the introduction of English Language as a subject from Std. I et al. But, if anyone asked me, I would say that Goa’s Education Department needs more than bicycles to pedal it to its efficient top. I wish I could say something on the same lines about the Industries Ministry he is heading with the latest news reports confirming that some 13 steel and other units have gotten the Pollution Control Board’s notice to close down.

The difference between the three who have been interviewed on Herald (see report) is that Churchill Alemao certainly knows more about giving than receiving. Besides, he has to pump in crores of rupees every year to keep his brothers going (read football team). One of his failings is that he is a strong headed believer in “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE” That means, if anyone committed a crime (murder even) and ran to Churchill for help, he would most certainly get Churchill’s ear, even if the victim approached him after the culprit (if a dead person can walk, that is), just because the culprit had the presence of mind to be at his door before the victim. Perhaps I am wrong in my assumption.

That is the good hearted Churchill Alemao. But Luizinho, Sardinha, Narvekar, Shirodkar, Rane, Willy…… are a different breed altogether. They have certainly never come across the word ‘GIVE’, even by the luck of an accident. It is TAKE, MAKE & KEEP all the way. Otherwise it is difficult to accumulate 200 + crores on a flimsy MLA’s salary where one has to spend more than what one gets, even with Ministerial perks, unless one is the KINGFISHER And as far as Sardinha is concerned, it would be more like take and keep all the way, especially the rumoured diamond bracelet believed to have been gift-wrapped around the wrists of his wife by Jindal for giving away Meta Strips to him. Meta Strips, in all probability, is one of the major source of polluting the Cuncolim Industrial Estate with its toxic effluents transported there in the guise of re-processing.

To conclude, according to me, there can never be voluntary retirement in sight for our 22 political majors which include Rane, Dr. Willy, Narvekar, Ravi, Shirodkar, Khalap, Shashikala, Sirsat, Nirmala, Victoria, Sardinha, Luizinho, Churchill, Aleixo, Digamber, Zantye, Isidore, Mauvin, Neri, Shantaram, Babush, & Manohar Parrikar. They have come to stay to their very end, unless forced into retirement. Reason is that they know the power of politics that has ameliorated their personal lives through their hard work ‘in the service of the people’ as they claim In the service of the people , my bloody foot. In the service of their own pockets is more like it. The very thought of someone else getting to pull the ropes that they have been pulling all these years is totally unbearable for them to even think. ‘People’ do not want these jokers, like they want us to believe. They forcibly impose themselves on the people by giving-in to their petty demands for rapacious rake-ins, mostly by selling GOA to the highest bidder. In the bargain, we, who call ourselves conscious citizens of GOA, allow them to sell away the very future of our children. And the sad part of it is we, like stubborn donkeys, refuse to believe this fact and want to swallow the bull-shit that is being dished out to us on a silver platter. I have just been alerted to the fact that Agnelo Fernandes, the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary (whatever that means) and the lovable MLA of Calangute (not so lovable in view of the bold ‘CLARIFICATION’ carried by most newspapers (see below) is the proud owner of the 4th luxury car, a black ‘Mercedes Benz’ this time, with the registration number plate GA-03-H-0880, probably a birthday gift for services rendered, more so as the Sarpanch of Candolim then the MLA, for selling Goa. By the way it seems that our Parliamentary Secretary is fond of the number ‘880’ as all his cars sport this unique number. Probably his fetish is to accumulate 880 crores of rupees unlike Luizinho’s 200 +. Perhaps, on his next birthday, we shall get to see him driving a ‘Ferrari’ that could probably be the envy of Sachin Tendulkar. Incidentally, as we are on the topic of cars as gifts, our esteemed IT Minister, who is also the Law and Health Minister, is believed to have jumped into a brand new car after initiating the IT Parks in Goa. Since he hasn’t celebrated his birthday recently, he must have thought of gifting it to himself, unless it was the Soccorro Panchayat or the Serula Comunidade, for acquiring large track of land of the comunidade for the proposed Soccorro IT Park. It is therefore justified that others on the side-line are eagerly wanting to jump into the chairs of the MLAs. Can anyone blame them for holding such aspirations?

And if you think that I am blaming the names that I have quoted above under ‘Catch 22’, you are sadly mistaken. Naaah! There is something major wrong with the public thinking. We do not pause to think that ‘THEIR gain is OUR loss” To substantiate my above statement, I shall like to give an example. Babush Monserrate, the King of Taleigao is doing up a 6-lane road to connect Taleigao to Miramar. And there is a Residential Colony called the Adarsh Colony at Caranzalem, the water body/low lying area being adjacent to it, through which is passing this brand new 6-lane road. It seems Babush paid a visit to the colony, recently, to inquire about the resident’s grievances, not out of any special interest but in order to seal their mouths from complaining about the inconveniences caused to them with the slush created as a result of the building activity of the road next-door. That every single person in the colony went running to receive the Minister is one thing. But when the Minister asked if he could do anything for them, it is believed that out poured “we want this and we want that, the list being long and the sentiment as well not being far from “FUM’KEA MEUTA TEM SOD’PAA NHUM”

[Take what you get]. No problem at all for Babush. The King gave in to their every demand, plus more. At best, the gentlemen of the colony could have gotten away with asking for ‘diamond bracelets’ to adorn the pretty wrists of their women folk. And, one of the residents of the colony happens to be the president of the Goa Su-Raj Party. Saddened with the behaviour of his fellow residents, he has put the following across to me:

“We call ourselves educated citizens of Goa. We bitterly complain that migrants are being used by our politicians for their votes. Migrants have nothing. They will take what comes their way. By demanding favours from politicians, are we not worse than the migrants? Is this not the ripe time for politicians to unload favours for votes with elections fast approaching? And we say that dirty politics is cutting our throats??”

I shall leave my readers with this thought for the day. May you enjoy a good night’s sleep mulling over this fact.

BTW : Our party president requested me to register his ‘ Telephone Dead’ complain on 198. It has been dead for some days now and Babush Monserrate is not around to mend it.



Congmen in Salcete show never-say-bye attitude

Herald 2 Oct, 2006

With Photo inset boxes of Luizinho, Churchill & Sardinha

Luizinho Faleiro:

Unlike dhirios, politics, governance and public administration is a serious business. I will retire when the people don’t want me. Nobody is contesting against the wishes of the people. People elect me for my performance. What is important is whether you could perform or have the capacity to perform and meet people’s aspirations and not how many times you contest. Performance and degree of success is important. Your balance sheet is in the hands of the people. Elections are not like dhirios.

Churchill Alemao:

I am ready to sit at home than contesting the polls, provided people like Luizinho Faleiro Francisco Sardinha, Ravi Naik and others first decide to take a break and give chance for others. I feel MLAs should take a break after three-terms and give a chance for new face. The old face can definitely make a return if the new face turns out a failure.

Francisco Sardinha:

Politicians should retire only when he or she is unwanted by the people or when he cannot fulfill public demands. People are not asking the politicians to retire, but a few greedy people, who are in line to become MLAs. Why should politicians retire from politics when they serve the people with dedication and sincerity. Do employees put up good performance to retire or to get promotions. I congratulate those who say MLAs with three terms should retire, but they should take the plunge first. “Example is the best teacher”

Herald/Navhind Times: 6 Oct /NT- 7 Oct.




1. Flory Dias -Dy/Sarpanch 2. Joao Anton Sequeira 3. Albert Fernandes 4. Bonifacio Fernandes 5. Alex Fernandes 6. Fabiano A. De Souza 7. Vinayak Salgaonkar 8. Clotilda da Silva e Braganca 9. Sneha . Dsalgaonkar 10. Rupa Chodankar 11.Yeshwant sonulekar- Ward members.


The Goa Su-Raj Party is born out of compulsion with the belief that ‘Where politics and politicking must stops – Governance must start’. And to our belief, politics and politicking comes into being before the elections and die a natural death after the elections are over when Governance takes its hold. But in Goa, thanks to our breed of politicians, politics and politicking never ends and Governance never gets off the starting line. The party also believes that a MLA comes into being to look after the affairs of GOA as a Legislator and to make life easier for the people at large and not to boot-polish his respective constituents in order to get re-elected year in and year out.

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




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