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Sunday RAMBLINGS - 8 [Special].

And a lot of water has run under the Zuari Bridge during this past week. There has been reports that in Andra Pradesh, they have banned English nursery rhymes like Ba-Ba- Black Sheep ; Ring-a Ring-a Roses etc. ostensibly because it has a British flavour. And there are suggestions coming from up-front Goans in the UK to the Andra Government to also re-write the “London Bridge is falling Down” Indian style to read as “Zuari Bridge is Falling Down” so that the children of India will grow up learning more about how ‘Charity starts at Home”

And talking of the Zuari Bridge, it was Gamon India, the pioneering Consulting Engineering Firm that has built the Zuari Bridge. And it took all of 9 years plus to build it when Japanese would have built it in less than a quarter of that time, and a bridge that would not sink in 100 years as well as offer a smooth road surface and, of course, aesthetics, rather than the moonscape we had to tolerate for so long. And it is believed that this firm has built bridges helter-skelter all around the world. And, as a matter of fact, one of our members (goasuraj), who is now a retired Gamon India man, having been concerned enough about the reports on the Zuari Bridge, sent a load of Goan newspaper cuttings to the consulting Engineer Dr. T.N. Subha Rao, to let him know that the Gamon India ‘Pride of Goa’ is making small waves already and is about to make a tidal wave shortly. The unexpectedly immediate response has taken us by huge surprise. And this here is Dr. Subha Rao’s response:

Dear Mr…….. Many thanks for the information you have sent. The Bridge was repaired by FPCC only recently. It is therefore surprising that repairs to the bridge are again warranted. I do not believe press reports who make mountains of mole hills. We will follow-up as to what is causing cracks. It appears the cracks are in the bottom of the box. We should not really worry if that is so” TU /YS Dr. T.N. Subha Rao [CONSTRUMA CONSULTANCY Pvt. Ltd-Khar (W) M’bai.

Well that is from the horse’s mouth. And this news has come to me as a cropper, especially, as I had a trip to make to South Goa and was reluctant to take my chances over the Zuari Bridge with all these crack and all. And I did confide in a friend to say that while I am at it, I shall look at the inauguration plaque so that I will know who had cut the ribbon. And I was in for a surprise. “you will find no plaque” my friend said. “There was such a confusion about who would inaugurate the bridge, whether a Central Minister or the Chief Minister, that ultimately people, frustrated with this delay, just walk-over abd aacross it and Voila! Zuari Bridge was inaugurated.” “ Well”, I said. “Let us take this as a precedent and in the future all public works will be inaugurated by the ‘PEOPLE’ as it is the people’s money that go into those works and into the pockets of our politicians and bureaucrats.” GOANS, SHALL WE??? . Goasuraj will lead the way. And you can bet on it.

And it was a crippling sensation to read the head lines in ‘Herald’ (June 20) announcing “MAD RUSH FOR VOTER CARD IN MARGAO” Migrants? Rush for voter’s cards? What a state of affairs in a forward looking State like Goa! Will not these migrant decide who sits in the government? And we call our politicians, politicians? Aren’t they prostitutes, who are only interested in what is coming to them in the short run, never to bother what happens to Goa and Goans in the long run? Shouldn’t there be a system where a migrant voter can be registered as a voter in another State provided that and only if he/she produces an authentic cancellation of voter’s registration from his/her own State? Is this too difficult for our politicians and to our enterprising Election Commission Officials to think about? Shouldn’t a migrant be allowed to vote only in the Parliamentary Elections and not the State Elections?. Needless to say that goasuraj has pointed this out to the delegation of the Parliamentary Committee that visited Goa recently at the Mandovi Hotel of which Ram Jethmalani was a member, supposedly to pave a way for genuine electoral reforms. Or was it just a scheduled week-end holiday trip for the Delhi big-wigs in Goa at the cost of us poor and harassed tax-payers? Goasuraj has voiced its objections over the above headlines to the Election Commission, New Delhi with a copy to the Chief Electoral Officer at Altinho, Panjim

And the fresh spate of felicitations of 25 odd freedom fighters of Goa has re-kindled the fruitless debate which starts like clock-work on the Revolution Day and ends a few days or so, later. But A. Veronica’s (Kuwait) post on Goanet on this very subject takes the cake and has prompted me to make appropriate suggestions and declarations in view of that post, being the spokesperson of an up-coming political party. I have always been calling our freedom fighters as ‘hypocrites’. Why? Because we, as a political party, are in the know exactly who is a freedom fighter and who is a hypocrite since the histories of most freedom fighters are written in our books.

At the Menezes Braganza Hall on the 28th. May, 2006 when I was speaking at the Seminar on Goa’s Comunidades, I had said that “Bahusaheb Bandodkar was not a corrupt man per se, but that he had corrupt ideas in his head”. And I had blamed our politicians (non-mergerites) of garlanding his statue at the old Secretariat, year after year, for what he has done to our Comunidades. The other day, I was being interviewed by a news magazine reporter on the very subject of Comunidades. And the reporter conveniently reminded me that I had said such and such a thing about Bandodkar at the Seminar on Comunidades. Then this rather stiff question was put to me. “If you become the CM of Goa, will you not garland Bandodkar’s statue?” It was a question which would NOT give me sleepless nights. Matching the eye to eye contact I said ‘NEVER’. My inner voice was prompting me to add “If anyone proposes a Saddam Hussein on it, my objection would be none” but I swallowed that one. Saddam had his own plans for his country and so did Bandodkar for Goa. But I will always consider Bandodkar a traitor of Goa and Goans and a perfect ‘hypocrite’, for he helped to widen the rift between the two major Goan communities, the Hindus and the Christians. And I will always put the blame for Savordem-Curchorem riots at the doors of Bondodkar’s communal MGP which allowed itself to be gobbled by the Maha Communal RSS-BJP.

Let me explain why I consider Bandodkar to be a traitor and a perfect hypocrite. He went to jail during the Portuguese regime because he was one among the mine-owners who had accepted the black-mail of Azad Gomantak Dal into financing their subversive activities against having their mining machinery and equipment blown-off. In the prison, it is believed that he had borrowed a book named NANESWARI from one of the co-prisoners, a satyagrahi, to pass time. And the draft of the letter that he was working on, addressed to the then Head of the Portuguese Police, Commandant Romba (of Spanish revolution fame), claiming that he was innocent and had not indulged in any anti-Portuguese activities (which by virtue was true) was kept in this book. In that letter, he had also written that should he be freed or pardoned, he would give the names of who is who in the freedom movement along with the details of their hide-outs. It so happened that he never got to deliver that letter (written in crude Portuguese) to Cmdt. Romba, One fine day he owner wanted the book back and unmindful that this letter was in it, bandodkar handed it back. This is how Bandodkar’s true colours got exposed when the entire satyagrahi community went through what he had written. It is a million dollar question as to why this information did not see the daylight until now.

During his trial, Bandodkar is believed to have made a statement in the open Court that he is the ‘LOYAL CITIZEN OF THE PORTUGUESE REPUBLIC’ which was recorded and meticulously filed to give credence to the excellent Portuguese record keeping. Come liberation, when Bandodkar ascended the CM’s throne, one bureaucratic rat who wanted to be in good books with Bandodkar, brought to his attention that the file containing his damaging declaration in the trial court was lying among other files in one corner in the Fazenda of which Sr. Carmo Noronha was the Director. That it would be the end of his political career if this file got into wrong hands, meaning, Jack de Sequeira & Co. And so the incriminating file vanished overnight. Later, one fine day, outside the Quartel (Police Headquarters) Panjim, there is believed to have been a bon-fire of ‘FICHAS DE IDENTIDADE’. This was the systematic compilation of identity cards of all satyagrahis with their frontal and side mug shots and brief details of their activities. These fichas, if preserved, could eliminate all fake freedom fighters from the list of freedom fighters as exists today and offer no more hope for new freedom fighters to be born. But no!. One master mind with criminal intent made or ordered to be made a bon-fire of these cards so that anyone could be inducted into the list of freedom fighters. ( as explained by A. Veronica in his post mentioned above). It was going to be a lucrative business. This master mind, a genuine Freedom Fighter, who collaborated with Bandodkar is long since dead and gone, but he is remembered for his sacrifices for Goa as a freedom fighter. Another genuine hypocrite?. With fichas and the incriminating file gone, Bandokkar himself could claim to be Goa’s freedom fighter by virtue of have been in jail. Small mercies, he didn’t. Could Bandodkar ever match the patriotic zeal of late Adv. Vinayak Sinai Coisoro or of Adv. Bruto Da Costa and Adv. Teles???? These above actions of Bandodkar coupled with what Adv. Amrut Kansar (Ex-MP) had to say about him at the T.B. Cunha hall, post Savordem-Curchorem riots, confirms the role played by Goa’s astounding Leader of he masses. What Adv. Kansar said was “quote” BANDODKAR IMPORTED BHATS (HINDU PRIESTS) FROM MAHARASHTRA TO POISON THE MINDS OF GOAN HINDUS “unquote”. History, they say, never lies buried for long. It surfaces of its own accord to give the living, the sleepless nights and makes the dead turn in their graves. In the wake of this expose, wouldn’t Goa and the supposed Goa’s Bandari/Bahujan Samaaj be better off with JACK DE SEQUEIRA & Co??? Who know??? At least, the rout that the Bandodkar’s MGP and the Samaaj has suffered at the hands of the RSS-BJP could have been avoided in the TRUE GOAN SPIRIT. All the above may be contested since there is nary a proof left except for the word of mouth of some still living relicts. But then if anyone is interested in proofs then that someone will have to dig up the 1968-69 editions of the daily ‘MARATHA’ published in Maharashtra and edited by Acharya P.K. Atre where in his three successive editorials, have turned Bahusaheb Bandodkar upside down even to the extent of giving him an unprintable name. And I shall take the privilege of quoting from his third and final concluding editorial:


And if at all Bahusaheb Bandodkar has been projected as a cult hero of the Goan masses, the credit goes to our octogenarian Mr. Chandrakant Keni. He has been consistently brain-washing the masses through his articles in the Sunday Marathi daily, Navprabha, to the extent of deifying the image of Bandodkar in their minds. But the real truth lies elsewhere and Mr. Chandrakant Keni must agree with me. When it comes to building cult images of a leaders, not only their good points but also their bad points must be projected. Only if the good points cancel out the bad points, the leader becomes an undisputable leader never to be proved a HOAX. Am I right Mr. Keni???? I should certainly like to hear from you on this one.

And I was thrilled to read in the newspapers that Dr. Willy is coming out with a ROADMAP for the NCP for the coming elections in 2007. Hope he has taken a new page to draw the same. Or else, it will be another ‘bur’rafest’ of confusion rather than a Map to get somewhere, as it cannot be anything but a ONE-WAY road map only leading up to the Chief Minister’s Kodel. In a way goasuraj is happy that important people are anxious to adopt whatever goasuraj comes out with. It came up with Su-Raj slogan in the name of the party itself, Su-Raj meaning ‘Good Governance’. Manohar Parrikar liked it and adopted it like nobody’s business even to the extent of putting huge hoardings left, right and center. He ultimately got the heavy boot for making a mess out of it in the worst manner possible. When goasuraj came out with the ROADMAP FOR GOA, Luizinho Faleiro liked the sound of it and adopted it to smoothen the ride for the computer teachers who were literally rolling on the roads. I wonder if he still has a track of that road map or of the computer teachers. The roadmap must be surely collecting grime in the dust-bin at the Secretariat. Now Dr. Willy does not want to be left out. Hope he commandeers a hot-mixing gang to iron-out the moon-scapes that are sure to surface on this road to make his ride a very bumpy one.

And what is bugging me is that not all tiatrists but a section of them have made a bee line towards Casa Monserrate to get a few crumbs out of him for our Mai Bhas “Konkani”. I say this because I don’t trust politicians any more. I, as a citizen, have lost complete trust in politicians but not politics. That is the raison d’etre of goasuraj. The reason my not trusting ANY politician is that first, Churchill Alemao left the UGDP to join hands with the Congress he had vowed never to join. Second, Francisco Sardinha left Congress to embraced RSS’s Manohar Parrikar to sit on the Goa Chief Minister’s throne. If I am wrong, then look back at the collective track records of all our politicians for the past 45 years and someone please tell me that I am wrong. Like A. Veronica (Kuwait) has asked genuine freedom fighters to return their Tamrapatras back since freedom fighting was not to receive benefits, so also I say that let politicians and political parties do all the things that have not been done unto GOA and GOANs of their own volition if they care for Goa enough. “YOU DO THIS FOR US… AND WE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU???” This is coming from Goa’s Tiatrists??? And to BABUSH MONSERRATE ?? Could this big show by the tiatrists at the doors of Babush Monserrate be a brilliantly planned piece of ENGINEERING by Babush Monserrate himself, after the crash of his coup to dethrone Ravi Naik??, all this with the help of a TIATRIST MOLE ???? If at all Goans want ‘undiluted Konkani as their Official Language, if Goans want to rule themselves rather than be ruled by some faltu, corrupt and immoral national party through their Goan Chamchas, if Goans want to remain Goan at all, then they should not trust these bogey politicians who will end up stripping their very pants off their butts and hocking them. GOANs, whether they are Tiatrists, Doctors, Engineers, Civil Servants, Bureaucrats or simple patriotic citizens, must remember the famous Goan adage “SORGAR VOCHPAK POILEM APNEM MORONK ZAI” [One must die first to go to Heaven]

And talking of Goa and Goans, Professor Manoharai Sardesai’s demise is greatly felt at goasuraj since he was a friend, a 100 per cent Goan who lived and worked for Goa and Goans. He shall be missed. May his good soul rest in eternal peace.


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