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Tits & Bits .002

Tits & Bits .002

The news of the sudden passing away of India’s best Vice President Mr. Krishna Kant has made us, at Goa Su-Raj, sad indeed. He should have been India’s President, and, that is that. As far as I am concerned, he was the best, because, he is the person who openly criticized our electoral system and pointed out gaping, sucking holes in it. His suggestion that our ballot paper should have a blank slot, so that voters can reject the good for nothing and/or criminals and/or communal dogs as candidates fielded by political parties by marking the blank slot and bringing to light the serious implications of this action by serious and genuine voters. The Supreme Court and the Election Commission, of India should honour our late Vice President by installing this provision in the electoral system to give credence to the depth of sincerity and concern Mr. Krishna Kant had for cleansing the present political decay. The blank slot on the ballot paper will surpass all other dubious electoral reforms. A note to remind the readers that Mr. Krishna Kant will always be revered by Goa Su-Raj Party for the above suggestion, and this has been prominently displayed in the ‘Introduction’ to its website As the President of India, I am sure Mr. Krishna Kant would have brought respect and esteem to this nation. May his good soul rest in peace.

The story of Micky blowing his top on the Kadamba driver took the papers by storm. I personally give 100 points to Micky. I further suggest Micky moves with a skinning knife to skin Kadamba as well as private bus drivers who take the Goa’s roads and highways as their ‘Formula One’ racing tracks. Look at the way they compete in overtaking on climbing slopes with blind curves. Micky should use another extra- sharp skinning knife for the RTO. And, the worst of all, the transport minister is reported to have made a dash to the Panjim police station to check on the health of the driver. By all counts, the driver should be cooling his heels in the can with his driving licence suspended for 6 months without a single naya paisa of pay, which incidentally, is coming from the pockets of the public.

And the defiance of Law by a few dada fish trawler owners in Goa is something that Goa should cry about. The Justices of the High Court should not issue orders and rulings of such type if they do not have the backbone to ensure that these will be strictly followed. This is plain and simple unimaginable mockery of the law. What happens to the law abiding trawler owners? The government and/or the Fisheries Department must face the contempt of court and be suspended and/or sacked left right and center. Make the Insurance companies withdraw the insurance cover to all the trawlers, boats etc. during the ban period. Then, order the Coast guard cutter or a naval boats to sink to the bottom of the sea, a couple of these, first to venture out to sea, dada trawlers. And then, let us see if the dadagiri still exists. The governments, which are the passing dispensations, only to fill their pockets and their freezers with the best catch before the season from this illegal operation, do not have ears to listen to this kind of talk. However, the question is: “IS THE HIGH COURT LISTENING?” More PILLs ?? No Siree! The pills are frustating and corroding the Goan guts already. The jungle law must be cut down by the Mighty Righteous Sword. If there is no stomach to wield the ‘SWORD’, then pack the bags and go home to wherever the home is.

And a lady from Aldona made an impassioned plea to me the other day, the kind that I would never have thought would be made to a simple person like me. “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MATKA BOOKIE , OPERATING FROM A MILK BOOTH, AT THE ALDONA TINTO, OPPOSITE MARTINHO LOBO.” “HOMES ARE BEING DESTROYED” she said. “Add one gadda (at the Moira Panchayat) to it” I said and asked her “why me?”. “Go to the police ”. “Police?” she said. “forget it” . “they are the ones who are promoting it so they get their hafta”. “Then go to our enterprising Chief Minister, who is also the ‘HOMES’ Minister., you know the kind, who builds HOMES?” I said. “Please, don’t humour me, Mr. Lobo” she said. “You say your Goa Su-Raj is a party with a difference” “Clean this milk booth of this matka dirt and my son will bring some pay home to mama” ‘Then, rest assured, I will vote for you” “ I will also plant a nice little kiss on your cheek”. Well well!, I said. “Who is listening to a barking dog nowadays?” “ I have started something called tits & bits of late” ”your problem will be splashed over the whole world” But I said “ I will do it for that kiss you promised me, not for the vote”.

St. Xavier’s High School is again going to be in the news by tomorrow. This time for the brain child of the Head Mistress for calling a ‘Parents Meeting’ to ask for the re-instating of the teacher who has been transferred to another school due to the reported harassment of bright students. Under the circumstances, this should have a proper PTA meeting, as I am told. Further, it is reported that the microphone was snatched from a sole dissenting parent when a few irregularities and omissions where being highlighted. Our only fear is that the HM, in her anxiety to do right does not do more wrong unto the school and unto herself in particular.

And, if you have been walking in the sub-registrar’s office in Mapusa, often, you will have found efficient people working there shifting their chairs within the office and sometimes shifting out from the offices as well, but with the same lable. Hence my natural outburst to a friendly face in this office, the other day. “A-re baba! When am I going to see U in the chair of the sub-registrar?” “ U seem to be warming these outside chairs for far too long” . A demurred face, looking down blankly on the open file on the desk, said “Tum bitor vetoch, (sub-registrar’s office) t eh codelicher lable marla toh vach” ( when you go inside, read the lable on the sub-registrar’s chair). “Tell me” I said. “There is very little to tell” he said. “the chair is kept for mostly scheduled castes, the kind who are at liberty to walk in at anytime after 11 am, after completing the house work, walk out bindas at 4 pm, the kind , it seems, that Manohar Parrikar personally calls them at their residences, the kind that boast of high profile connections with only contempt for colleagues and work., and worst, the kind that persons like me are expected to listen to this tall talk and at the same time help them out in their routine work.” “Seniority and performance record be damned” “Oh” I said. “ this much, is it?” “you come and join Goa Su-Raj and I will make you the President” “by all means, it should be some promotion, at least”.

And finally, talking about making presidents of political parties, yesterday, when I stopped at Dalal’s at Mapusa, I saw the familiar mug on “THE WEEK” . “Give me that” I said. “I just love to read about this Advani guy”. Dalal, as usual put a smile on his face.

“The Hawk flies High” was what got me engrossed as soon as I had time to look into it. And, after I was finished, I had a peculiar feeling of being let down by the Election Commission of India, when I had to slog over the compilation of the set of documents to be sent to New Delhi for Goa Su-Raj Party’s registration. Our constitution was found wanting in the details to be furnished about “INNER PARTY DEMOCRACY” It seems, that we had not been very democratic and transparent in the inner party elections to party posts. So, we had to put our heads together again and come out with a master-piece of inner party democracy, which, ofcourse, sailed through. But if the Election Commission applies the same yard-stick to the ruling BJP, the BJP gets de-recognised immediately. Why? It is all there for every one to see, as to who put Bangaru Laxman as the president of the BJP. Who axed Jana Krishnamurthi and brought in M. Venkaiah Naidu. It even says that Venkaiah had preconditions for taking the job. He wanted Arun Jailey as his bum chum, or no can do. Where are the elecions? Therefore, the Election Commission has two edged axe to cut down the BJP, if it can and if it wants to. The one side, for BJP having the brazenness to adopt the HINDUTWA openly, which is against the oath taken by the BJP during the registration of the Party under the ‘Representation of People’s Act’. which demands SECULARITY among other things. And HINDUTWA is a rabid Communal ideology which will disintegrate India if allowed to go uncheck at the political level. The other side for totally disregarding the internal inner party elections to the party posts. If the BJP is run by two clowns, who are seen in this issue of “The Week” hugging each other in the ‘public eye’ with their perverted smiles, whereas, they would be stabbing each other ‘ behind closed doors’ ( ofcourse, if Vajpayee is capable of hold a stabbing knife in his weak hands, that is), India has some serious thinking to do, before it becomes too late.


Floriano Lobo

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.




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