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Don't be left out.

Dear Goans,

As you are well aware, Goa Su-Raj Party has been born out of sheer necessity. The Party's constitutional provisions does not allow for acceptance of finances from individuals and business houses which might have preconditions, for the obvious reasons of the influence that it might have on the Party's independent decision making process. The priorities before the Party is to have a fully computerized independent office in the city , preferably in Panjim. In view of the Party's decision to come out with a fortnightly news magazine to cater to the citizen's right to information as well as to know procedures and rules governing the civil administrative affairs, from the grass root level upwards, and to bring out the happenings in the Goa government as well as in the Goan society which go unreported and unpublished., a hi-tech computerized office is given the top priority. This Party , having been based of transparency and accountability, the Party's accounts are displayed on the web site and shall be updated every now and then as necessary. One of the Party's founder member has offered his apartment in Panjim to be used as the Party's office as and when it is vacated. However, that will take some time. In the meantime, the Party has been offered office premises at Miramar, on a very minimal rent basis. These two options are being considered.

In keeping with the above, we take the liberty of displaying our immediate financial needs in the hope that you dear Goans shall , while adopting this organization as your very own, shall contribute in whatever manner possible, towards making it a success story for the betterment of Goa and Goans.

Thank you and God Bless.


Computer Systems Celeron (PIII/700) 10GB HD, 64 MB Ram, 15" Colour Monitor, 50X Multimedia, Mother Board 810 @ Rs. 42,500:00
Modem (DLINK) @ Rs. 3,500:00
UPS @ Rs. 5,250:00
Color Laser Printer(Epson) @ Rs. 2,90,000:00
XMARK @ Rs. 1,95,000:00
Ink Jet Printer. (HP930C) @ Rs 12,500:00
or (HP810) @ Rs. 9,500:00
Xerox Machine  
(Ricoh Automatic Plan Copier(FT3713) @ Rs. 91,646:00
1 No. Scanner 14" @ Rs. 14,000:00
1 No Fax Machine Panasonic (KX-FT33) @ Rs. 19,500:00
1 No CD Writer @ Rs. 12,500:00
1 No USHA/EPABX Board (3 Lines x 8 Ext) @ Rs. 13,000:00
3 Nos Telephone Lines (OYT) @ Rs.10,000:00
1 No Air Conditioner (1.5 Tons) @ Rs.20,500:00

The above quotations are obtained from Compuserv, Mapusa , Global Enterprises, Porvorim. & Frigette, Panjim.


Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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