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Salient Features & Philosophy of Goa Su-Raj
The founders of this Party would like to put forth before you some of the salient features which shall be the landmarks towards the achievement of the long term goals set for Goa.. These salient features are a must for any political party which wants to stand out tall among all others specially in context with Goa and its "Musical Chair" politics. This party is a movement , a way of life and must be seen as such but with an unavoidable political garment. The essence of politics shall be restricted to the election processes. Once that is done with, the politics shall take the back seat. Time for re-structuring will start from then on.

There are no past or present politicians in this party, and the entry to this party is closed to such politicians in the future as the only expertise they can contribute to our party will be corruption and defection. However, we are open to technocrats, administrators, honest and upright retired bureaucrats who are interested in contributing their experience. The founders have come forward only because there is no other alternative left, if Goan politics is to be purged. This party has started on a clean slate and intends to write its own writing on this slate.

The Constitution, though simple, has been drafted keeping in mind the maladies of our present day politics. Certain checks and balances have been incorporated after much debate and discussions so that any future tampering is eliminated. Those Clauses which may be sought to be diluted at a future date have been sealed and cannot be amended during the life of this Constitution. The founders saw it fit to shoot themselves in the foot, so to speak, inorder to leave no doubt, whatsoever, about their intentions. (CLAUSE 41)

This Party has been founded on democratic procedures. Even its name and the Party Emblem has been chosen by secret ballots. Therefore, this procedure shall be the mainstay of this Party's decision making process.

Party office bearers shall be elected democratically as defined by the election processes in the Constitution ( Clause 19A has been added at the final stage of adoption along with minor changes in the old draft)

As far as is possible, the Party shall look for persons to come forward to take on the task of representing the people of their Constituency. All such persons shall require to expose themselves to the people of the Constituency well before the election time. An effective electoral college shall be constituted within the respective Constituencies to choose the candidate. Each candidate shall be given the opportunity to prove to his electors why he/she is the best candidate. The electoral college shall then short list three candidates if there are more than three aspiring candidates in the first ballot, and choose the candidate in the second ballot. The balloting shall be secret. This procedure is adopted for its transparency in the decision making process. Also, the candidates who are left behind shall pledge their support to the chosen candidate, knowing fully well that the decision is unbiased and democratic.

There shall be no CM designate prior to elections. The procedure followed shall be the same as mentioned above but the electors in this case shall be the members of the Supreme Executive, members of the Constituency Working Committees and prominent personages from all Constituencies of the State specially invited to be the members of the electoral college, the numbers of which shall be decided by the Supreme Executive.
The election of the CM as well as the four ministers shall be taken up as one single exercise. All elected candidates shall be eligible to be nominated for the election process. The procedure followed shall be the same as mentioned above. Each candidate shall be given time to convince the electors why he/she is the best candidate for the job. The first ballot shall short list 8 candidates. There shall be a break before the second ballot so that the electors can compare notes as well as hold free discussions amongst themselves. The second ballot shall list five names on the ballot, out of the short-listed eight. The names shall be listed as according to the order of maximum votes received. The topmost shall be the CM and the rest highest four shall be the ministers. This ballot shall be final and binding on all participants.

This party is in the process of making a systems analysis of each and every Government Department. A report on each Government Department will be shortly displayed on our Website inviting criticism and comments from Goans who may want to subscribe their own ideas and views to improve the functioning of the respective departments. To start with, we are in the process of approaching retired departmental heads who are known to be honest, principled, upright men with clean images. Most have been victimized by successive governments for not falling in line with its corrupt dictates. These honest and upright gentlemen have suffered at the hands of such Governments to keep their self respect, self esteem and pride.We at Goa Su-Raj Party sincerely believe that with their help and also the diverse and expert views, drafters of policies will be able to put together policies that will work and which will bring general acceptance from the end users as well as the public at large. When our party comes to power, we intend to carry out a perfect systems analysis of the full government administration in order to streamline the functioning of every department and every employee including the staffing pattern by carrying out work & time studies on scientific principles. We also plan to put in action the computerized division of simulation of various policies based on statistical data fed to it from our systems analysis department. This will be able to give an overview on the shortfalls of the policies if any, so that they may be corrected during simulation itself.
Such computer tested policies shall have a greater percentage of chance of success given full implementational support.

This is another significant check on the leadership of the government. It is the normal practice that the leader of a party winning the election, takes the top position in the government as its CM. And it is the tendency of the CM to run the Party like his/her shoe, from this commanding position. Goa Su-Raj has clearly segregated this leadership, by keeping all the powers in the hands of the Party to clearly define the role to be played by the CM as its CEO in the government, since the Party shall be answerable to the people for the type of government it shall put in place and the type of governance it shall give them. The government shall follow the clearly defined policies of the Party and at no time this position will be compromised. The way it is looked at " The government is dispensable, not the Party" (CLAUSE 37)

The original intention of the founders of the Party was to keep the strength of the cabinet at three including the Chief Minister. The effectiveness of this size has been proved by the government under the Presidential Rule run by Lt. Governor Jacob. However, so that not to have the need to change the size of the cabinet at a later date in view of real necessity which might be seen by the public as a shift in policy matters, the size has been limited to five. This has been sealed and therefore cannot be amended throughout the life of the Constitution. If well administered, Goa will never need more than five cabinet ranks.

The term of office of any elected member of the Party to the Legislative Assembly shall be limited to two terms. That translates to 10 years of representation on a continuous basis. This is more than adequate as it is observed that the elected representatives work for the people with zeal and thrust during the first term, as well as getting to know the system well. The second term becomes productive due to wealth of information collected during the first term, which can be utilized to induce development and root out administrative hurdles. If the same candidate is re-elected for the third term, things are taken for granted and not much work is done. What is dished out is a lot of lip service. Also the representatives tend to reap the benefits of the long association of contacts for self promotion.

In any election, the candidature is coupled with the money power of the candidate. This has been the downfall of our politics in general. No upright candidate can match the money power of a scoundrel or a crook. This Party's tickets shall be free, but the candidate must measure-up to the standards, keeping in mind that of late the quality and the standard of our Legislative Assembly Complex has become comparable to one of the best in the world but the quality and standard of our MLAs has hit the dust, considering their personal behavior and the quality of debates that take place in the Legislative Assembly.

Out of all the Clauses in the Constitution, emphasis is put on Clause No. 38. This Clause has been incorporated with great thought and unanimity of minds, to act as the scavenger of the root cause of all malaise in our Goan politics. It is seen that however good the intentions may be, MLAs cannot run Corporations and Institutions. These require specialized and qualified people with proven track records to run them efficiently and profitably. These appointments shall be the prerogative of the Party. The Party shall want our MLAs to have sufficient time on their hands to bring out timely and well meaning legislation for the improvement and betterment of the State, rather than all of them be involved in the executive by becoming ministers, chairpersons and directors. (CLAUSE 38)

No party can afford to incorporate the RECALL Clause in its Constitution. By this Clause, this Party has clearly sought to empower the people to decide the fate of their leaders if they should divert themselves from the goals that the Party has set for them. (CLAUSE 40)

There is no remedy yet for the sickness of DEFECTION as this must be set right in the Parliament of the Nation. The will on the part of people's representatives in the Parliament to garner enough support to enact such a fool-proof legislation is in doubt. However, the founders of this Party have included such a Clause in its Constitution in the hope that the people at large who will be responsible to send their respective representatives to the Legislative Assembly of Goa under the leadership of Goa Su-Raj Party, will see to it that their representatives behave themselves, and above all, recognize their masters, who shall be the people. The Party shall support the people at all times in their quest to keep the path of their representatives straight and devoid of any deviations. Therefore, no candidate will be forced on the people by the Party, as the people themselves will choose their own candidate, who shall be in a position to serve their interests and the interests of Goa as a whole to the best of their abilities.

In order to help stop the malaise of defection, our party shall administer an oath to each candidate before they are given party tickets. This oath taking ceremony will be held publicly with press and TV coverage. The oath shall be taken by each individual candidate by swearing on their respective Holy Book i.e. Bhagwat Gita, Bible, Koran etc. It is very doubtful that after taking a solemn oath in public by laying one's hand on one's holy/religious book a candidate will defect or go against the provisions of the party constitution. (Clause 33)

Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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