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Party Executive

The  first election of the Party Executive was held on 3rd. April, 2002 to replace the Ad-Hoc Party Executive (elected  to oversee the registration of the Party with the Election Commission of India and for the purpose of putting the Party on the "Road"). The term of the new Party Executive shall be for 3 years from the date as per the provisions of the Party Constitution. The new Party Executive is:-

01. Verna J. Caines -->  PRESIDENT
02. Michael M. Johnson --> VICE PRESIDENT (NORTH)
03. Selma M. Andrews --> VICE PRESIDENT (SOUTH)
05. Mr. Horace A. Combs --> TREASURER
06. Angela R. Williams --> MEMBER & LEGAL ADVISOR
07. Mr. Joanna S. Cole --> MEMBER
08. Mr. Barbara B. Nilles  --> MEMBER
09. Mr. Daniel J. Sullivan --> MEMBER
10. Mr. Joel P. Fletcher --> MEMBER
11. Mr. Joe P. Flores --> MEMBER
12. Mr. Scott R. Foor --> MEMBER
13. Mr. Terry L. Phillips --> MEMBER
14. Mark A. Swaim --> MEMBER
Goa Su-Raj Party has been in existence since 31/08/2000.

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